Customize your WordPress website with a Graphene theme


Customize your WordPress website with a Graphene theme - There are many WordPress websites that can be used for a variety of purposes including classifieds websites, online stores, blogs, forums, presentations, portals, but only a few of them can be changed. Perfect design of the site, even functional.

Introduction to the topic of graphene


One of the best WordPress themes that allows you to completely customize your website is Graphene. You can download this theme for free from the official website or from the Graphene Theme homepage. Graphene also gained 5 stars, ranked with more than 65 votes, it also has more than 60000 active installs and the latest version was released on January 6, 2016.

Graphene has many options such as custom background, custom color, custom title, custom menu, editor type, featured image title, featured image, fixed layout, dimensional template. full width, microformats, multiple columns, threaded comments, sticky posts, ready to translate, post formats and more.

How to install Graphene?

To install this theme, you can download it manually from the links above and then download it via your FTP client (we recommend FileZilla). Then, just go to your panel will appear Graphene. You can also install it directly into the theme and theme by clicking New and searching Graphene. Clicking the Install button will automatically add it to your WordPress site.

Features and functions of the Graphene theme

When you activate the theme, there are many options available such as the classic option: menu, widget, title, real-time customization, background, editor, but also a specific option such as the slider option. , infinite scrolling, previous page options, home page options, comment options, subpage options, widget area options, top bar options, social sharing buttons, AdSense options, Google options Analytics, footer options, print options, display headers, columns, column width, post display, snippet display, comment display, text style, footer widget display, rendering navigation menu, miscellaneous display, custom CSS, colors, custom head tags, action hooks and widget area.


How to create threads with Graphene

To create themes with Graphene, you need to change the design from the beginning by going to Graphene's Theme Options in your WordPress Dashboard and choosing the colors for the top bar, main menu, submenu, internal area. content, slider widgets, block buttons, store headers, comment areas, content text and footers match the colors selected together. Four color settings are now available as default colors in blue and black, Dream Magnet with black, gray and blue, Curiosity Kills with black, white and pink and Zesty Orange with black, gray and orange.


For example, if you are building a football website for the German national team, it is a good idea to choose German flag colors: red, yellow and black. Set black in the top bar, in the top background of the menu, active and hover status background red, yellow in the active menu item and hover status, white in the default state of menu items , yellow is in hover and active menu drop-down menus, red is in link color, and in the rest you can use black or gray.

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In addition, to increase the newly created theme, you can enable the slider to expand the full width of the topic and display the latest four posts along with featured images and use fade as an animation and speed 5000 milliseconds with a speed of 300 milliseconds. Additionally, for other functions, you can activate infinite scrolling, place specific widgets on the sidebar, and hide the top bar. For display options, you can use light-colored, 2-column header bars.

If you want to create a website related to water, sea or ocean, you can use the combination of dark blue, light blue, black, white and gray by using dark blue in the background and blue light on the top background, black bottom border for the top bar. For the main menu, the top background should be light blue, while the bottom is dark blue, black borders, white menu items, you need to combine gray with blue for the background and a white shade in the sub menu. . For the content area, you should use gray and light blue while for Slider dark blue and dark blue for titles, white for items, titles and gray for the remaining elements.


For the slider, you should use a light blue combination for the top left color and the bottom right color for dark blue. For the block buttons, you can use light blue background, white label color, dark blue shadow and gray box shadow. Archive titles must be dark blue while white and black text is glossy, comments you can use light blue as background, black text and for content text you can use The front is black, the title is blue and the link is blue. Finally, the footer is a combination of blue, white and gray. For the functional section, you can choose other options, such as a specific column, test font and size for each part of the web page, drop down menu, slider at the bottom along with the post. Random posting, horizontal sliding with 10000 milliseconds and 600 millisecond forwarding rates. The column width options tab will allow you to change the width of the content container as well as the width of the sidebar. You can also set different widths for the left and right bars when using a three-column layout.


The green setting is the primary color, this is very useful for websites related to farms, gardens and so on. For the top bar, you can use a combination of dark blue and light blue as a background, for a border combining gray and black. The main menu must also be blue, especially the background, while the item may be white. The submenu can also be a combination of white, black and gray depending on the active menu, hover, drop down or the default state of the components while the content area should remain gray, white and Content background of the post with green.


Widget title must keep blue and white background. The top left color of the slider should be dark blue and the color below the slider must be light blue. The stoppers are also green except for the label color is white and box shadow. Archive headers must be green while text is white and black is glossy. The comment area should also be a mix of white, black and gray. The content area should remain green except that the content text should be black and the footer is also a combination of white, gray, and black.

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Above, you find three examples of themes using different settings and colors while four are already available. You can choose different colors to preset, even save them by exporting to a .txt file in the same thing you can install Shortcode Graphene to add content to your pages and posts. , where you can add special icons, exclamation marks, customize text with animations, and with colored backgrounds or fonts. Use your imagination and creativity to make your website look awesome!

Graphene is a great theme and very easy to build a great WordPress site. However, the success of the website depends heavily on your web hosting. We therefore recommend using a reliable hosting service. You should not pay too much for your hosting plan. So, we chose 3 hosting companies where you can create, customize and develop your WordPress site built with Graphene Themes.