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In a previous article about the CS: GO game, I explained and instructed you pretty much on how to set up the screen to play CS: GO better.

In that article, I mentioned a setting including 4: 3 and Scaling Mode Stretched, but I did not say how to install in detail, because by default, when you install 4: 3 mode, Scaling Mode will be Black Bars, not Stretched.

So in this article I will guide you to set the mode Scaling Mode Stretched On an extremely popular video card these days it's - Intel HD Graphics, specifically the card I made here is Intel HD 3000, guys, other card codes do the same, very simple.

After installation is complete, you can Play CS: GO games on full screen, other games you can apply the same.

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How to set up Scaling mode Stretched on Intel HD Graphics cards

If you do not know Stretched What is it, you can review here, or I will explain briefly as follows:

When you select 4: 3 mode and the resolution is smaller than your monitor (1024 x 728 in this article) then the mode Scaling Mode Stretched - The image will be stretched to the normal level so that it can be displayed on the screen enough to make everything in the game enlarge for you to see clearly.

thiet-lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (2)

By default on Intel HD Graphics cards, when lower resolutions are supported by the monitor, Scaling Mode will Black Bars - ie there will be 2 black bars on the sides, that is, do not show that Full screen you.

Now to set it to Stretched then we will need to use it Intel Graphics Control Panel, The interface of the card life may vary but basically the setup is no different.

After completing this setting when you open every game whose resolution corresponds to the resolution you have Stretched it will automatically be expanded, not just the CS: GO game.


+ Step 1: First is the setup part in the previous game, this is in the previous article I said so I will not guide it here again. Choose 4: 3 and remember the resolution you selected in the section Video Settings of your game.

As shown in the picture, I have chosen the resolution 1024 x 728 so I will choose later 1024 x 728 in the video card settings.

lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (1)

+ Step 2: Okay, go to the Video Card settings section. To open it, right-click on the Desktop screen

=> You will see 2 lines are Graphics Properties and Graphics Options => Click to select Graphics Properties to open Intel Graphics Control Panel.

If you do not see the above line, check that you have installed the driver for your video card or not, if not then install it!

thiet-lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (3)

Or You can also click on the icon Intel Graphics Control Panel under the system tray icon (on the bar Taskbar). Open up, for Intel HD 3000 card you will see the interface as shown below.

If not, then select is Basic Mode => select OK => and then select Tab Display same picture. Pay attention to the line Scaling will see the default is Maintain Display Scaling - ie maintaining the impression share, when you click, there will be no other option.

thiet-lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (4)

For the other parts you don't care, click Resolution and choose the right resolution for your choice in the game - my case here is the resolution 1024 x 728 so I also choose 1024 x 728.

thiet-lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (5)

+ Step 3: Later in the section Scaling, please fix Maintain Aspect Ratio Fort Scale Full Screen for yourself, and click Apply to apply the change you just selected.

thiet-lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (6)

Continue to choose on OK To confirm the changes you have made, or press Cancel to cancel.

Then the screen will also display correctly with the resolution you have chosen, the image will be stretched to fit the screen. And when taking a screenshot, it will still display as normal, not stretched offline.

thiet-lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (7)

+ Step 4: It's done, you just need to choose the correct resolution of the screen again Apply to use as usual.

From now on every time you enter a game that has the same resolution as the one you have chosen, it will stretch without you needing to fix it again.

thiet-lap-scaling-mode-stretched-on-card-intel-hd-graphics (8)

Now go to the game and test it! I did not take the demo because it was taken normally when I used it Scaling Black Bars so 😀


Above are few simple steps to be able to use the mode Scaling Mode Stretched for CS: GO On the Intel HD Graphics video card, it's quite simple but requires a bit of research.

With this tweak you can Full screen game play That's right, actually when playing a game that has 2 black streaks on both sides look very uncomfortable, I don't know how you feel. So if you want to play Full screen, then set up as the tutorial above.

Wish you have a great gaming experience with CS: GO!

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