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    In order to consult with people about an issue, an event, the usual way that people use it is to create a poll so that people can easily express their opinions. his personality more.

    On Facebook, Youtube ... and other social networking platforms also support this function. However, it is still quite simple and almost everyone can see the results of the poll.

    But with the BlockSurvey service that I am about to introduce below, it will allow you to create polls quickly, simply and above all, very confidentially.

    block-survey-survey-block-survey (1)

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    How to create professional and safe polls / surveys?

    This is a new, free application built on the BlockChain platform, and it is ranked 223nd on the list Product Hunt.

    The word Block here does not mean that block out, but to imply that BlockSurvey uses the Blockchain security platform.

    If you often read the articles on the Knowledge Sharing Blog, you may find that you already have a lot of articles introducing the applications that use the platform.


    + Step 1: To use BlockSurvey, of course you will need to have a BlockStack account, so if you do not have then you can come in to create a new account. It's very easy, so I will not guide this step anymore.

    + Step 2: Next, you visit the address, you will immediately see a button Sign in with BlockStack, you click there to login.

    Or you can also click Login in the right corner of the screen.

    block-survey-survey-block-survey (2)

    + Step 3: Choose an existing BlockStack account, or create a completely new account for free if you don't already have one.

    block-survey-survey-block-survey (3)

    + Step 4: At this page, you choose Create Survey to be able to create a new poll. Or on Dashboard to open the page to manage the polls you have.

    Block-Survey-Survey-Block-survey (4)

    + Step 5: Immediately, you will be given the choice of available polls for your vote.

    You can choose from the available poll templates like Market Feedback, Video Feedback, Product Feedback, bla bla ... as shown in the image below.

    Or You can also click Create from scratch to create your own voting template.

    block-survey-survey-block-survey (5)

    + Step 6: This will be the set up of the main content for the poll:

    1. Add logo to add Logo to illustrate the poll.
    2. In the box below, please fill in the name, as well as a detailed description of this poll, so that the participants know what you want.
    3. Fill in the question information such as the content of the question, the answer options such as answer, options available, you can also add images that illustrate more vivid answer options.
    4. If your vote has lots of questions then click Add new question For one more question, add as many as you want.

    => Finished editing and feel like then press Publishto publish this poll.

    Note : You will not be able to revise the design when Publish, so please do a thorough preview before proceeding.

    block-survey-block-survey (6)

    You will then receive links and embed codes to share it with everyone, or the people you want them to vote in.

    => Copy the link and send it to them, or use the embed code to embed it into your website.

    Block-Survey-Survey-Block-Survey (7)

    And here is the interface of the poll participants, which is quite simple, they can select multiple answers and then click Submit to complete. If successful, a message of thanks will appear.

    Block-Survey-Survey-block-survey (8)

    After a while, create a poll, now to see the results of this poll, open it Dashboard of the BlockSurvey up.

    Here you will have a list of the current polls you have => click on the title of the poll to open the poll results page.

    block-survey-survey-block-survey (9)

    You will have a statistical chart of the choices of poll participants, you can click on the chart name to select the type of chart such as columns, fans for easy viewing.

    In the right corner of the screen are tools like In, Download computer reports, nút ngừng cuộc bình chọn again…. A statistical page is very intuitive, easy to observe, very easy to understand, right guys.

    block-survey-survey-block-survey (10)

    The answers collected are only viewable when you are the owner of it, so no one else but you can see it, very safe.


    Yes. So I just introduced and guided you how to create a survey, create poll With the online BlockSurvey service in a very professional way.

    A very useful and safe tool for you to quickly create polls and surveys. Very suitable for people doing market surveys, community ...

    If you find it interesting, don't forget to recommend it to your friends and everyone! Hopefully the BlockSurvey service will be useful for your work, wish you success!

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