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In the process of surfing the web, surfing FB, you've probably come across an image containing quotes, good sayings, philosophical sentences for life ...

And now you want to copy them to share with friends, or you simply want to save it to a Word file or a note file to revisit when needed.

What will you do ?

Will you type manually? Yes, you can. But if it's a few sentences, OK, but if you accidentally see about 30 philosophical sentences, or 300 excellent quotes ... then you type very tired.

If you do not know then I will show you a very quickly, that is to use a utility that supports copying text content on images extremely quickly. The utility that I want to introduce to you today is Project Naptha.

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#first. What is Project Naptha?

Project Naptha is a free extension on the Chrome Web Store, works on Chrome, Edge Chromium, and other Chrome-based web browsers.

This utility applies the most advanced computer vision algorithms on every image you see while browsing the web.

The result is a seamless and intuitive experience that allows you to mark and copy and paste, even edit and translate text that we could only save or write manually before. come on.

images-picture-in-picture (5)

If you still do not understand, the main use of this utility is to help you can copy, delete, edit characters, edit content in any image you see when browsing the web.

You can visit the homepage below, where there are all demos for you to experience before you want to install it into your browser.

#2. Instructions for installing and using Project Naptha

Download Project Naptha on Chrome Web Store: Download and install !

+ Step 1: If the experience is good then you can install it into your Google Chrome browser by visiting the link above => and then selecting Thêm vào Chrome.

images-picture-in-picture (1)

+ Step 2: Now to use, just open that photo, highlight the text you want to copy on that image, then right-click Copy Text or CTRL + C to copy as usual.

Then Paste somewhere to get the text you need. Or you can also highlight a word and select Select All to highlight the rest of the words that this utility recognizes.

images-picture-in-picture (2)

*** _______ Additional introduction ______ ***

In addition, this utility also supports translating text in images into another language, but temporarily it does not support our Vietnamese.

Besides, because the new translation feature is only in the testing phase, I still have an error when I try to translate, and the time to translate is quite long although the text is not very long (red notice lines) .

And if you want to test this new feature, you can email the author via [email protected] address!

images-picture-in-picture (3)

Currently, we can only copy text from the image only, the remaining features are mostly in the process of development and completion.

When you right click on the highlighted text on the image => you choose to Advanced We have some features like:

  • Show Region: Display borders around the text area.
  • Show Line: Display dashes on text.
  • Show Stitching: Display like Region but different colors.
  • Show Words: Show border around text.
  • Show Letters: Display borders around each letter.
  • Show Contours: Highlight text in other colors.
  • Show Chunks: This I do not know what to use.
  • Clear State: Restore text to its original state.
  • Debug Mode: Debug mode.

That's it, you can experience and learn more 😛

images-picture-in-picture (4)

# 3. Epilogue

Yes, so I have just shared with you a pretty good utility Copy the text in the image Alright then.

Currently this utility is only that, you have to wait a while longer to experience the newer features.

Hopefully Project Naptha will be useful for your work as well as your daily computer use. If you find it interesting, don't forget to share this article for everyone to use. Good luck !

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