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code Number Counter Animation scroll

Hello everyone, the title I am currently coding is the Number Counter Animation scroll, which means I will show you the html, css, js code when dragging the mouse down to a certain position, the numbers will run to the one you set. before.

Purpose of the code Number Counter Animation scroll

  1. Nice: mostly this code is nice, but there is no difference or functionality at all

  2. Luxury: Helps the website look at it with vivid, eye-catching effects. make customers feel a little more professional.

Everything will have two sides of it, in return for its beauty, the website will be a bit heavier because of the js code, and its library will generate small errors, which will not affect the website at all but cannot be viewed. or for IT people.

Let's get started!

Step 1: html code first.

Which location do you add to your webiste to run!


Step 2: code js to run offline.

This code should be in the footer.php file, if you use wordpress then look to the theme's options that will contain js there: p

Step 3 Add Library of js

Indispensable library, you add this library in the header.php file offline,

That's it then, you can check the results offline

I also have a demo, check it out:

Alright guys, see what a pity, right, bro: p

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below, like face for more news. I will support you all, thank you everyone!

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