Cheap VPS (VPS LITE): Cheap VPS worth using

Under Tino Group Joint Stock Company, TinoHost is a leasing, providing domain name, hosting, server service, domain email for businesses at an affordable price, consistent with the needs of the majority. website users in Vietnam.
Developed from a solid foundation as a leading web design company in Vietnam, TinoHost owns a team of 10 years of experience in the field of web design, WordPress and website related services. With this professional strength, although only officially operating in the field of hosting from May 2019, TinoHost has satisfied thousands of customers in many different fields by the dedication, professionalism and responsibility. duty.

Recently, TinoHost has launched a new VPS service based on OpenVZ technology with low price and superior quality compared to long-time suppliers in the domestic market.

In a detailed review of the cheap VPS service pack at TinoHost, I will sign up for the cheapest package to check the configuration and service quality. In addition to VPS services, at TinoHost there are other services such as hosting, ssl, mail, domain name ... You can refer to the price of the service → here

Let's start choosing which VPS package:

The VPS package I chose is VPS Lite A, basic specifications are as follows:

  • SSD disk space: 15GB

  • Ram: 1GB

  • CPU: first

After clicking "Buy Now", the website will switch to the panel selection, operating system and registration time.

You can choose "Payment cycle" according to your needs, here I choose 1 month to test and choose the operating system Directadmin to manage vps

After the payment is completed, you will receive an email to activate the service, with the "root" account information to be able to ssh and log in to directadmin.

So the registration is complete, easy easy haha. Come on, ssh into VPS to check it out

For quick testing, I used the tool to give test results

curl -Lso- | bash

Based on the results from the testing tool, we see that the parameters of CPU, DISK, RAM are exactly as TinoHost's home page provides. In addition to the Read-Write speed, it is shown that VPS built on high speed storage SSD system can give IOPS that big.

The above specifications are worth a ton of money, aren't you?

I chose VPS initialized with DirectAdmin, let's see if DirectAdmin works well.

The IP VPS was assigned to me is, to access DirectAdmin I added port 2222 to the access link: (If you register, the IP will be different from the IP in this review, you can replace your VPS IP to access DirectAdmin)

Login information:

User: admin

Password: (is the root password vps)

Let's check out the new interface of DirectAdmin

So, DirectAdmin has worked. With the lowest package only 79k that we have 1 VPS parameter with large IOPS and comes with DirectAdmin, this is really a good and cheap VPS.

Here are some technical commitments, and details about the service company, looking at the phone number is handsome, right?

24/7/365 support - "right business - right service - right ability"

With a team of highly specialized staff, state-of-the-art equipment and dedication 24/7/365 support, TinoHost confidently provides domain name service, hosting optimization and system server Robust at the best cost for your business.

Just leave your personal information, consultants of TinoHost will help you choose the best solution for domain name and hosting. Let technology be not a barrier to the development of your company.

With more than 5 years of experience in hosting, server rental, domain related services and website security, let TinoHost Accompany you on the road to asserting your brand on the global technology map!


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