Build SEO links and get high quality links


Build SEO links and get high quality links - No one knows exactly how Google works, we only know some basic principles that make a big difference in how a website is ranked. Doing thorough keyword research and creating great content for your audience will get your site on the top of the search page, but you should always build your links consistently. Backlinks of web page ranking factors are most appropriate that Google uses. This is a sign of it, because it talks a lot about your website reputation. The impact it has on your rankings is far greater than anything else, which is why it's important to pay attention to it.

Not so long ago, you might have had trouble building your recipe blog link with a blog offering driving tips, an online store, and so on. It doesn't matter where you link your website, as long as you have lots of backlinks in the stash. Today, with Google's Penguin update in action for many years, site permissions and rights are the most important issue. You cannot link to any other websites that are not related to the topic your site is built around. Link building has changed to be more fair, asking you to gather high quality links for your website. In this article, we will help you do that. We will share our top tips for creating a solid back linking strategy. By following at least a few of these, you will become a much more competent link builder.

Find relevant websites around your Niche


An SEO link building process usually starts with finding competitors and potential link building opportunities that you can take advantage of. Since you are only supposed to link to websites that are related to your website in a certain way, there are a lot of searches to do. If you are building a fitness blog, it can be linked to other fitness blogs, weight lifting, yoga, healthy food, and lifestyle tips, etc. It is up to you to find these capabilities and make your own blog suitable for other websites out there. Follow these tips to begin your process.

Search for a list

This simple trick allows you to view a large number of blogs; Instead of looking at them one by one, look for a list. In the case of a fitness blog, look for a list of fitness blogs. These are better because you can look up at least 10 blogs at once and they are already managed by others. It is an easy way to find better quality blogs, with high authority.

You can find:

  • Curated listings on various sites

  • Top list

  • Public listings on Facebook and Twitter

  • Folder

Take a look at the competition


Chances are, that you already have a pretty solid competition in your field. So you should look at each of your competitor's backlink profiles, because they have been proven to please Google in some way. You will want to find out as much about these sites as possible, like SEO on their pages, their content and their backlink profile. Imagine if your website had a backlink profile like this one? Where will it be in Google rankings?

Crawling backlinks will tell you why your competitor is ranked on the same search term you enter. Copying a competitor's backlink profile is a lot of work, but it's easy for anyone new to SEO.

The steps are very simple:

  • Get the top 10 results

  • Check out their website and backlinks

  • Use Ahrefs or Majestic SEO tools to check their backlinks

  • Use Followerwonk to find additional bloggers

Followerwonk is a tool that will search through Twitter accounts, analyze them and find the keywords you have entered. For example, you can search for the keyword Blogger fitness. Followerwonk will find all profiles with the keyword fitness blogger online, thus helping you find influential people who can provide valuable backlinks to you.

This way, you can directly reach out to people who can help you in the link building process. You can write a guest post for them or reach another agreement.

Submit your site to trusted directories

No matter what type of website or service you are looking for, you can always count on directories to help you. Putting your site in a directory will earn you a backlink and also provide valuable information to visitors and potential customers.


Finding appropriate directories attached to an information website in a specific industry, is a pretty smart thing to do. Having your blog or business listed in one of these directories is great. It will be simpler for major search engines to index your site.

Give testimonials

Giving a testimonial to a product, service or website is a win-win situation. It provides a testimonial to a supplier and earns you a great link from a reliable website. You can write testimonials for different professionals and online stores, depending on the field you are working in.

Freelancers, consultants, hardware vendors, or even some of your customers will be happy to write testimonials for them and communicate with you their link.

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Do lots of internal links


A lot of people overlook the fact that one of your biggest sources for targeted links is your own domain name. Linking your article to other articles on your site will definitely help you rank higher, increase traffic and reach your website's goals.

Find the article you mentioned

If you've created some great content that other websites mention, people will talk about it. Find places where they have written something about you, mentioning your brand or product you offer. About 90% of the time, if you ask the webmaster to give you a link, they will probably give you.

You can find these mentions through affiliate research tools like Ahrefs. Just check the backlink report and set Link status to MENTION.

Get the link from your Infographics


Whatever useful content you create, people will eventually use it on their website, but they will not always give you a backlink to it. This is especially true in case of infographics. If you have a well done infographic, people will use it on their website. They will embed it but forget to give you a link and that's where you get the link from Infographics.

To find these links, simply copy the file name where your original infographic was stored. You want the actual .jpg or .png file name. Just right click on your infographics and click Copy image URL. Then go to Google Images and paste the URL you just copied.

When you get the results, look over the URL you received and check if there is a link back to your site. If you find an unmentioned location, send a quick email to the site owner and ask them to add a backlink to your site.

Create a case study

Conducting surveys, researching, or conducting interviews are a great way to attract attention and backlinks. All you have to do is take advantage of the awareness and links coming from this resource. Divide the specific research or content you have made into individual pages, so you'll get more SEO links from there. Write references to the full PDF file on each page, just be sure to block search engines from reading and indexing the PDF, so they will focus on crawling your pages. Always make use of every valuable research data you may have, because it will draw a lot of attention for your site.

Write instructions how

Writing a guide or article with helpful advice often gets a lot of attention from anyone interested in your field. It will also get lots of mentions in other posts around the same topic. If you have created a well-done tutorial on how to achieve a certain goal, using clear writing, good infographics and other images, you will definitely be mentioned on other websites.

Building natural links

Whether you ask SEO experts, beginners or just read a simple blog post like this, the most frequent tip you'll see is building links naturally. You have created your website to share something great with the internet and that is what will help you get backlinks. If you create great, useful and original content, you'll get links from countless websites that want to use your content as a resource.

Take advantage of social media


Promoting your high quality content on Facebook and Twitter is one of the best ways to attract and build links. Social media is the perfect place to share your own content or the content of other publishers and attract followers.

Write high quality content for another blog

We will emphasize the fact that guest blogging is a pretty great way to earn high quality backlinks. The first goal you should set for yourself is to establish a connection with 5 blogs in your field. Make sure they have a participating community and start offering content for these 5 blogs on a regular basis.


When you are looking for blogs to write on, focus on the amount of value you will get from them. If they have followers, you will also get more visitors to your site.

The most famous and probably the most effective link building technique, besides creating high quality content, is guest posting. You can write a great article for another blog within your niche and get a valuable backlink to it. There are only a few things you have to be sure before starting the action.

Always make sure the website you want to write a blog post for is relevant in your niche.

The article talks about a specific interest topic, not about your greatness or your website.

It has to be funny, interesting or useful for the reader in some way. Focus on quality and make it as professionally written as possible.

Remember that a poorly written article will not even be published or will give you a poor reputation.

Replace Wikipedia's dead links with your own


Wikipedia is an extremely reliable website in the eyes of Google and it can prove to be a solid link building opportunity for you. You can use a free tool called Wikigrabber and search for keywords that show you pages with dead links or request citations on Wikipedia. Getting a backlink from Wikipedia has never been easier.

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Use these great link building tools

You cannot use many SEO expert techniques without keyword research and link building tools. These tools help you analyze web pages and take note of link sources, potential link building opportunities. They show the right to link, link quality and let you know if you don't link well between your own websites. Here are some of the best:

  • Moz Pro

  • Ahrefs

  • Solo SEO

  • Majestic SEO

Paid backlinks


Google resists paid link building plans and does everything it can to shut them down. But that doesn't mean they know everything. In fact, a lot of people make money from this when you ask them to do link building exchanges.

Always find out more

Good SEO practice is not just about building links and creating content, but also about building your knowledge. There are many basic and advanced principles to understand and master. There are many blogs you can follow to get extremely useful SEO knowledge. That is:

  • MOZ

  • Blog online

  • This Article

  • Paddy Moogan's link building book


Link building is a time consuming process. It requires a lot of effort and time to build a reputation for your website. Practicing at least a few of these tips will help you a lot, especially if you take advantage of link building tools and are learning more about it.

We hope you enjoyed reading through this article, and we will see you again in the next section!