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If you are wondering about the team that has many 3-Star Heroes to win, today I will guide you to the extremely effective Rank climb without having many 3-Star Heroes: That's God-Mage-Warrior squad.

With the power to be said to be comprehensive in every respect, this squad can help you win easily.

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#first. Introducing the God - Mage - Warrior squad

In order to use the God - Mage - Warrior lineup effectively Ranking you need to have enough 2 God - 4 Mage - 3 Warrior. The following will be the best options for you:

  • 2 God: God of war, God of Thunder.
  • 4 Mage: The Source, Thunder Spirit, Shining Dragon and God of Thunder.
  • 3 Warrior: God of War, Tusk Champion and Sword Man.

Note: These are the 7 heroes best suited to the squad to activate the passive and easy to build.

If you want to change or add other heroes to pay attention to not lose the intrinsic of the Divinity because this is the best thing when using this squad.

#2. Evaluation of the God - Mage - Warrior squad

2.1. Advantages of this squad

  • The Divinity's intrinsic ownership reduces the hero's cooldown time by 75% when there are 2 Gods on the field.
  • Increased armor is increased from the intrinsic 3 Warrior (6 armor increase for all Warriors on the field)
  • Has a large amount of magic damage and intrinsic magic armor reduction of the Mage system (reduces the opponent's magic armor by 35%)
  • As an extremely powerful squad when there are 3 Mages, at the end of the game if God of thunder will be a destruction combo.

2.2. Defect

  • Quite weak and lack early game damage because Mage heroes are quite rare.
  • There are very few options when using this formation because it will lose the inner identity of the Divinity.
  • There are very rare heroes especially God of Thunder.
  • Appropriate equipment is required to increase strength.

General assessment: This is an extremely powerful squad and an effective Rank climb, but there are many things to keep in mind when using.

To play well this squad, players need to accumulate a stable amount of money at the beginning of the game to wake up at the stage after having enough necessary Heroes.

# 3. Details of the God - Mage - Warrior squad

The first thing that determines whether you can use this squad or not is the presence of God of War.

3.1. God of War

god-rank-god-mage-warrior-warrior (1)

Possessing a high level of life force, it is not too high, but with skill can reduce the damage when attacked directly from the front and the side. Although being a $ 1 champion is not difficult to find, this is an indispensable hero in the squad.

After getting the God of War, the next thing you should do is get 3 Warriors for your squad. Here are 2 Warriors for your reference (including God of War we will have 3 Warriors).

3.2. Tusk Champion ($ 1)

god-rank-god-mage-warrior-warrior (2)

Considered as a "National" Hero for its popularity.

This is not a hero that is hard to find, however Tusk Champion owning good stamina and high early game damage through skill Bắc Hải thần quyền (Deals 3 / 3.5 / 4 times the normal damage)

3.3. Swordman ($ 2)

god-rank-god-mage-warrior-warrior-3 (3)

This is also a fairly common hero. With quite comprehensive indicators of both attack and defense this will be your main force in the first 10 rounds.

With skill Hoàn phong trảm deals ambient damage and grants magic immunity Swordman have good resistance.

After you have enough resistance, you need to take additional damage thanks to Mage-type heroes.

3.4. The Source ($ 2)

god-rank-god-mage-warrior-warrior-4 (4)

Unlike most Mage heroes, The Source does not have a large amount of damage, but this is the top choice when you play Mage.

With the ability to increase Mana for all allies combined with the Divinity within the clan helps heroes use the ability constantly.

3.5. Shining Dragon (2 $)

god-rank-god-mage-warrior-warrior (5)

As the only Mage-type hero in the Dragon clan, you do not have to worry about being "in contact" with the Divinity clan when used. With her ability to penetrate, Shining dragon creates a huge amount of damage when activating the skill.

3.6. Thunder Spirit ($ 3)

god-rank-god-mage-warrior-warrior-6 (6)

Before acquiring God of thunder to complete the "2 electrician", this is the main source of damage for the entire team.

Skills Tia chớp has a huge amount of damage and a fairly wide range that can make half the opponent's life force when hit.

3.7. God of Thunder ($ 5)

god-rank-god-mage-warrior-warrior (7)

The most difficult hero to own and also the ace in the squad. There is a low drop rate and the price is quite harsh, but if you can own it, you can firmly win the game.

With skill Thiên khiển God of thunder will summon lightning to attack any opponent hero with tremendous damage.

In addition to the aforementioned heroes, I will nominate 3 more heroes to help your team get 10 Heroes and be the most effective: Siren ($ 4), Soul reaper ($ 4) and Devastator ($ 5).

# 4. Epilogue

Above is his article on how lWaist Rank Auto Chess Mobile with God - Mage - Warrior squad.

Hope you can use this lineup well to climb Rank most effectively. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below. Thank you!

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