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    Asanzo, a consumer electronics firm with the slogan: The pinnacle of Japanese technology, has recently been almost completely boycotted due to evidence that the products it offers originated in China, tax evasion, etc. and clouds.

    Recently, Asanzo has suddenly returned to the market with a good price smartphone, but this device still has some noticeable things. Specifically, please find out in this article ...

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    #first. Asanzo S6 hardware

    The Asanzo S6 screen used is IPS LCD, with HD + 6.1 inch resolution, 19.2: 9 aspect ratio.

    Machine equipped with 3 rear cameras with a resolution of 13 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP respectively. The front has an 8 MP selfie camera.

    In addition, the device has 2 sims, uses a USB Type-C charging port, has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a separate memory card slot.

    #2. Design of the Asanzo S6

    List-asanzo-s6 (3)

    Design of a water drop screen, the rounded edge of the device has a small groove, the lower edge of the device is quite thick. The back of the device is made of plastic, with no gradient effect.

    The cluster of 3 rear cameras is placed in a square cluster in the middle of the upper side of the back. This camera cluster does not have the function of wide-angle or telephoto shooting like other smartphones that will capture three cameras simultaneously and combine them into a photo.

    It has security features with face recognition unlock and fingerprint sensor integrated on the back.

    Machine has 3 colors are Black, Bronze gold and Blue.

    List-asanzo-s6 (2)

    # 3. Configuration of the Asanzo S6

    Machine equipped with Helio A22 processor chip with 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM.

    The battery capacity of the machine is 3200 mAh, capable of sharing batteries via the OTG connection port with other phones.

    # 4. Software / OS of the machine

    The device uses Android 9.0 Pie operating system customized on its own interface.

    Asanzo S6 smartphone

    # 5. Review of the Asanzo S6

    Asanzo S6 is a quite prominent smartphone in the price of 2.5 million, competing with machines like Nokia 3.2, Xiaomi Readmi 8A or Vivo Y11.

    Asanzo S6 has the same design and configuration Ulefone 7P, is a sample product purchased from an OEM unit and customized to suit Vietnamese people.

    This is still a product called by the Vietnamese, from a company using Japanese technology, and identical to Chinese machines.

    List-asanzo-s6 (1)

    Asanzo explained that after a series of incidents, their factories and production lines were closed, employees quit, customers boycotted, ... so they restored the production system and themselves. Manufacturing machines is impossible.

    The purpose of the Asanzo S6 is simply to create a cheap machine, to compete with other brands and gain a foothold in the market.

    However, the machine is still not good compared to other ships of the same price range. The first is about the camera. It is quite impressive when AI image synthesis algorithm is brought to this machine at this price, but not what users need.

    The 6.1-inch screen will also be bad, with a resolution of just HD +. The battery is only 3200mAh compared to the 4000mAh battery of Xiaomi or OPPO.

    In short, this is an unimpressive device in its price segment, but it could be a prelude to Asanzo's entry into the smartphone market.

    Do you like this Vietnamese-made machine from a foreigner? Please leave your comment below the comment section for us to discuss.

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