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    To help you play Nakroth stronger and easier to carry the team, today I will continue to introduce and analyze Nakroth Full damage equipment.

    If you mentioned General Nakroth, you all know the name Msuong (is one of the most skilled players in Vietnam) and has a very different and very strong Nakroth gameplay.

    If you watch the videos of Msuong, every time you see Nakroth is a full damage-equipped item. So today, to help you understand that equipment, let me analyze more thoroughly.

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    I. Equip General Nakroth with Full Damage

    Note: This is a strong equipment for Nakroth But don't encourage newcomers to play like this.

    Because the damage is very weak but very weak and very volatile, this is only equipment for players who are high level and used to Nakroth as well as knowing how to enter and fight properly.

    For Nakroth Full damage, you go up as follows:

    Bi-equator-full-sat-thuong-cho-tuong-nakroth (1)

    1. Search for souls.
    2. Thick bodyguard
    3. Frequent break.
    4. Complex.
    5. Hecules glove rage.
    6. Guardian armor.

    II. Analysis of Nakroth's full damage equipment

    With Nakroth The priority is the jungle position and the first damage item Search for souls.

    Bi-equator-full-sat-thuong-cho-tuong-nakroth (5)

    With Sword soul we will have 40 physical and 6% lifesteal. This is useful for Nakroth in the early game farm monsters easier.

    Not only that, having more bloodsucking will help the jungler have a stable blood flow and if going to gank too much blood loss will be able to enter the forest and restore blood, helping to reduce the time to the altar to heal.

    #first. Thick bodyguard

    Bi-equator-full-sat-thuong-cho-tuong-nakroth (4)

    With Thick bodyguard Not only gives us additional mobility but also armor and 15% damage.

    This is necessary for Nakroth to gain full damage because there is enough armor to avoid shock damage when rushing into the middle of the formation to kill the main force.

    #2. Frequent break

    Bi-equator-full-sat-thuong-cho-tuong-nakroth (7)

    Tuesday is Frequent breaking, The equipment provides a great deal of damage to Nakroth, which is very useful during the mid game.

    Because this is the most beautiful stage of Nakroth. Not only does it deal extra damage, but it also has armor penetration to better fight against tanks or tankers.

    # 3. Complex sword

    Bi-equator-full-sat-thuong-cho-tuong-nakroth (6)

    Like I said to bring out the full power of Nakroth You must have 1 item to enhance the attack after launching.

    And that particular move is technique 2, Complex sword is a good equipment to do that. It is an item that not only increases physical damage but also has additional health and attack speed, cooldown and lifesteal.

    These things Nakroth badly needed and it all converged in Complex sword. Once up Complex then the attack after surfing 2 of Nak will penetrate more and is very painful for the gunner or the main force.

    # 4. Hecules rage gloves

    Bi-equator-full-sat-thuong-cho-tuong-nakroth (2)

    No different from Complex sword, Hecules glove rage There are also many advantages Nakroth badly needed.

    The first is the integration of both armor and magic armor to make Nakroth stronger and more resistant to avoid evaporation during the fighting phase as well as capture the main force.

    Not only for resilience, this equipment also provides physical physics to help Nakroth have more damage to easily catch more people.

    Especially with the passive 1 buff 1 add virtual armor when the blood is below 40% will be a protective layer certainly helps Nak Avoid shock damage in minutes.

    # 5. Guardian armor

    Bi-equator-full-sat-thuong-cho-tuong-nakroth (3)

    Guardian armor always the item and all champions should be up. Regarding its effectiveness, I have analyzed a lot in the previous articles, please pay attention to help me!

    III. Epilogue

    So I have introduced and analyzed is complete Nakroth's full damage equipment for you guys already.

    Hope you can climb Rank well with this champion! And don't forget to visit Knowledge Sharing Blog regularly to get more good knowledge about games and computer tricks. Thank you, cordial and goodbye.

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