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    From the name, we can immediately know the use of this site is to use AI technology to enlarge the image.

    According to the developers Image Enlarge AI learned to magnify from hundreds of thousands of high-resolution images, so that this AI can analyze and correct the details of the image when it is enlarged 2 or 4 times and the image is still not broken picture.

    How to use it, please find out in the article below!

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    #first. About online tools that support image enlargement

    This is a free online service that allows you to zoom in on images very quickly. The website uses AI Deep Learning and optimal hardware to perform image enlargement work for you, the configuration is very "terrorist": V

    • CPU: 2X Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620V4 8C
    • GPU Group 1 : 4X RTX 2080 Ti
    • GPU group 2 : 4X TESLA P4

    With Image Enlarge, you can use it immediately without registering for an account or anything else, the images you upload are stored on the site's server for 2 days and it will be automatically erase immediately afterwards to save storage space.

    In addition, on the home page you can also scroll down to see some normal images and images enlarged by this tool, which is quite nice - use the mouse to scroll back and forth to view photos before and after zooming 4x. !


    AI IMG Enlarge now also has more software for you to install and use on your computer easily (version 1.1 for Windows operating system), so you can use it quickly, most convenient.


    Okay, I'll show you how to use the previous Web version - use on software is the same, I'll introduce at the end of this article.

    #2. How to enlarge images 4 times without breaking images (on the web)

    + Step 1: Visit the homepage of the tool here, you will see a site like this!

    Phong-to-anh-gap-4-lan-ma-kien-bi-bi-picture (3)

    + Step 2: Click the button SELECT FILES, or drag and drop images into frames to upload images to the website, maximum image size 3MB, and support formats like .JPG, .PNG, .JPEG okay guys

    The resolution of the image is not too 800 x 750, because larger than that resolution, then do nothing more zoom 😛 Next to the image just uploaded you will see the option AI processing image enlargement:

    • Artwork: Illustrations for you easy to imagine.
    • Photo: Normal, regular photo.
    • Face: That portrait photo, guys.
    • High-Grade: This AI accepts all types of images and processes them with the best possible quality. Instead, the processing speed will be slower than the 3 above.

    And also the zoom you have 2 levels are 4x (400%) and 2x (200%), this depends on your needs only. Because my image looks like an illustration of a flower, so I am ArtWork and zoom is 4x => press Start to start the zooming process.


    + Step 3: After zooming in, click on the button Preview to be able to preview as well Download photo if you like the enlarged picture.

    And as the author said just below, his line of red bricks: If the quality of resulted image is not good enough, please try different styles. Or you can tell us so we can strengthen our machine learning.

    Mean: If the quality of the newly enlarged photo is not good enough, try other ways of zooming (Artwork, Photo, High-grade, Face). Or you can provide suggestions so they can improve AI quality.

    room-to-gap-to-gap-4-lan-ma-khong-bi-show-picture (5)

    And fortunately, my image is enlarged with great quality (Art-Work), I tried with other types of zoom, the quality is not like this.

    + Step 4: You can see the tiny picture that it zoomed to spread the fire so V: Now right-click on the image and select Save image as to save to your computer

    Phong-to-anh-gap-4-lan-ma-kien-bi-bi-picture (6)

    That's it on the Web, now comes with how to install and use Image Enlarger software!

    # 3. Image Enlarger Settings: Zoom image without noise, image breakage ..

    + Step 1: Just like the web platform, the usage is also very simple. But first you Visit this link to download the software first. Please choose the version that is suitable for your computer.

    Backup download link for Windows operating system: Download / Backup link


    + Step 2: After downloading you run the file *.exe => and press Next to start the installation process.

    Phong-to-anh-gap-4-lan-ma-kien-bi-bi-picture (7)

    + Step 3: Select the installation path, then I left the default path => Click Next to install.

    Phong-to-anh-gap-4-lan-ma-khong-bi-bi-picture (8)

    + Step 4: Selected, you press the button Install to start the application's installation process.


    + Step 5: Click Finish, open the application with an icon on the Desktop you will have a very compact application like this.

    Add photos on the machine to by Kéo thả hình ảnh vào phần mềm, or on File => select Add Image to select the file available on the computer. Then repeat the steps to select AI, select the zoom ratio already Start never mind.

    Phong-to-anh-gap-4-lan-ma-kien-bi-bi-picture (10)

    + Step 6: After compression, click Download and Download again in the newly downloaded Tab to save the image, the path to save the image is indicated above.

    the-room-to-gap-4-lan-ma-without-bi-language (11)

    # 4. Epilogue

    Yes, so I have just detailed instructions for you to use Image Enlarg to Enlarge image by 4 times without losing quality compared to the original image and No broken picture when zoomed in then ha.

    I found this site to be so great, free of charge, that the image quality after launch was extremely impressive - as you saw above.

    And do not forget to take a few minutes to contribute comments to the author if it finds an error or something! Good luck !

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