Add nice motion effects to the Gutenberg block in WordPress to make your post more engaging




When writing an article, in addition to creating compelling content to hold the reader, the clear presentation and a little effect on the article will definitely make the article less boring. And it will more or less impact on the optimization of your SEO posts.

If you also understand that and are looking to Add motion effects to Gutenberg blocks So easy for you, this article is for you.

This article I will show you how to add beautiful motion effects that only the Gutenberg editor can do easily. It is thanks to the help of the Animation Blocks plugin for Add CSS3 motion effects into individual blocks in the article.

Instructions to create CSS3 Animation for posts

Note: This method only applies to WordPress version 5.0 and above, using the Gutenberg editor. Websites that are installing the Classic Editor plugin will not apply.

Step 1: Setting Blocks Animation plugin go to the web.

Step 2: Create a new post or edit an old post where you want to add a motion effect.

Step 3: Edit content in block format (if the old article is not in block form, you need to switch to block). Refer to writing in WordPress new version.

Then, click on the block you want to add effects and look to the sidebar, the settings on the right will see the item Animations as follows:



  • Animation: Choose from 1 of 77+ moving effects from CSS3
  • Delay: Set the delay to activate the motion effect.
  • Speed: Set the running speed of the effect accordingly.

Video tutorial to add motion effects to the article

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So that's it then. Very quick and simple, right? With just 1 small plugin, it will help your posts become more attractive.

With this tip you can apply to blog for more eye-catching effects. Or you can apply for WordPress sales pages. When you add this animation to the Call to action buttons, I think the conversion rate will be higher.

However, do not overdo many effects in one article, lest it distract the reader.

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