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Coming up here will be an extremely special day, a day of devoted people spun on the blackboard and white chalk.

And whether you are still attached to those people, or have grown steadily in the midst of a chaotic life - then let me share the most loving words to the respectable teachers / teachers on this special occasion. ...

August-20 (3)

- write for the days without coming back ...

We have an appointment in May, with the passionate passionate love of a whole white shirt. And later on, when they were over, who still carried the memories of their quiet bodies with ferry trips ...?

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Teachers have long been not only teachers, but also great friends who have followed us all the way to find our own selves. Sometimes in every moment, every age barrier is erased by love given from passionate hearts.

Teachers have taught us that a heart without forgiveness is a dead heart, and a person who does not love is only wood and stone.

August-11 (1)

The teachers have eased all the wounds and worries of the old age with gentle words and deep sincerity.

It is they but no one else, who cherishes the seemingly too childish desires of the innocent, lively students.

And it was they, no one else, that brought the down and down visits of their lives into the pages of books, in order to make them so beautiful, so poetic - and to let those pristine souls see, life does not only exist in grief and sadness, but it is always sparkling radiant with those who appreciate the pain ...

Teachers from the past have been the one who spread the fire and inspired the future generations, and up until later. Who of us is subtle enough to understand the fatigue, the worries are always permanent through the eyes of the teacher?

How many people understand the days she was late for class because the previous night had stayed up very late to shape every word of the game in every page?

August-11 (4)

And how many people know, behind the complaints, even grumpy of the teacher, are the worries to worry and sorrow whenever students put aside all kind words, dedication ...

Understanding this heart, today we would like to send the teacher deep gratitude. Thank you to the quiet boat people who have been with us during the most beautiful years of the carefree and mellow student life.

Thank you, teacher, for being the thread of love, the solidarity between souls that don't seem to match; Thank the teacher for being an enthusiastic and reliable captain during the search for knowledge.

Thanks again to the teacher for constantly giving love and unconditional worry to each of them ... Without those feelings, we definitely won't be strong enough to go through stages. most difficult, to be as stable as today ...

And we also want to send to the people who bring the flavor of life a sincere apology, for all the mistakes that make teachers upset, disappointed ...

August-20 (2)

Also on this special occasion, wish the boatman will forever firmly row the boat, lead the future generations to the shore of success. Hope all the best will come to the teachers!


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