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Minecraft world contains many interesting things, which you need to explore and explore. But not everyone can exploit all resources in the game.

Especially for new players, even long-time players also make these mistakes. If you make the mistakes that you are going to list below, then unfortunately you have to say you are a Noob. So what if I don't want to be a noob?

Yes ! Here are the mistakes that many people often make when playing Minecraft games, now I will guide you to do the right thing.

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#first. Effective against Creeper

  • Is wrong: Usually you play Minecraft when encountering Creeper (monster exploding) will attack directly with them. That is fine but the risk is very high. When they explode near you, you will take the full damage from them and die.
  • It's correct: Do not use weapons to fight directly with them.

What is needed to effectively fight the Creeper is a wooden boat.

Making: When approaching them, they will explode. When they're about to explode, you'll have to use that wooden boat at Creeper's feet. Obviously it automatically sat on the boat exploding. Because of a boat, the damage of the explosion will cause you almost zero.

#2. Break the Ender Chest (Ender Chest) properly

game-minecraft-game-minecraft-minecraft-1 (1)

  • Is wrong: When you intend to recover Ender chests, be sure to smash them. But there are a lot of people who make a mistake when recovering the Ender chest. You will use the regular trophy to smash the Ender chest, but they are not as normal as the other chests. After beating, they will drop 8 blocks of agar surface (starting materials to make chests).
  • It's correct: You will have to prepare yourself a trophy. But it is not an ordinary trophy, but an enchanted trophy softness. Using the trophy when enchanted, you will be able to collect the original chest without splitting into jelly blocks.

merry-play-minecraft-minecraft-minecraft-blue (9)

# 3. Ender crystal barrage exploded?

  • Is wrong: When down The End To defeat the Ender dragon, you must definitely smash the Ender crystals. But one thing that new players are wrong with is getting close to them and beating. As a result, the body exploded.
  • It's correct: To avoid exploding death, you do not have to rush to beat them immediately. There are 2 ways to destroy them without dying:


Method 1: Prepare a bow, then shoot from afar. Because standing at a distance, the explosion will not be able to damage you.

Method 2: Bridges closer to the Ender crystal, then places on any 2 Blocks in front of you. Then sit down and move to the side and bang. It will still explode but the damage done to you is almost 0.

# 4. Manufacturing gold tools

merry-game-minecraft-minecraft-minecraft-blue (8)

Gold is a precious and difficult resource to find in the game. But not all gold is good. Typical tools are made of gold.

The fact that few people know is that most of the tools made from gold such as swords, hoes, shovels, axes, etc. (except trophy) have the same power and function as wooden tools. They are even less durable than furniture.

merry-game-minecraft-minecraft-minecraft-3 (3)
Gold gear

# 5. How to kill mushrooms is right ??

  • Is wrong: New players often meet that kill. When you encounter a mushroom, most of you will kill them. When killed they will drop meat and some mushrooms. This way is a waste of resources, because when killed they are out of resources to exploit. If you are a little more pro, then you can use mushroom shears on them. But this method is not optimal, because the mushrooms are still processed into soup to be eaten.
  • It's correct: The crazy when playing games that meet mushrooms they will not kill them. They will optimally exploit the resources available to the cow. Then they will use a bucket to harvest milk (to drink when hungry). Or use a bowl / bowl to get the soup from the cow without any processing.
Use the bucket to get the milk.
Minecraft-minecraft-minecraft-game (minecraft) (6)
Use a bowl / bowl to get the mushroom soup.

# 6. Calcined diamond

  • Is wrong: When you extract an ore and get diamond, what do you do? I bet you will use iron or gold trophy, diamonds, .. to dig them. But no, this way is too long when encountering many ores.
  • It's correct: Instead, you should not take the trophy and dig but use the furnace to heat them up. Using this method, you can still gain the same amount of experience as digging with a trophy. But this way will be faster and save a lot more effort.


# 7. Make pure stone the right way

  • Is wrong: Most of the people who want to gather pure rocks often go looking for gravel and fire them up, then you will get pure stone. This is not entirely wrong but it takes a lot of effort and time.

Minecraft-minecraft-minecraft-minecraft-game (4)

  • It's correct: Want to collect the pure stone blocks without burning time, do the following:

First, you should find or build a trophy, then use a book to enchant it. Please allow the toughness for cup.

When the spell is complete, take the trophy out and dig the stone. All the gravel blocks you dig from that trophy will automatically turn into pure stone. This will save you a lot of time and effort.


#8. Finish

The above is mistakes that Minecraft players often make and how to do it better.

If you do the right thing that I mentioned above, I am sure you will become more insane 😀 Please apply it to your survival to get the best effect.

Hope the article will be useful to you. I wish you happy gaming. Love !!!

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