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Choosing a theme for your WordPress site is a difficult task. The theme must be user friendly and enhance Seo for wordpress website. Imagine running a clothing business and your website theme emphasizes text rather than image whether the theme encourages visitors to explore more and ultimately buy a product. ?

However, in choosing a theme one thing that is often overlooked is the SEO aspect. As a WordPress site owner, it's important to make sure your theme is SEO optimized to help improve SEO for your wordpress website. This not only helps your site rank higher on the search engines but also allows you to attract more traffic.

In this article, we will mention WordPress and SEO, as well as the importance of SEO friendly theme for your WordPress site.

Let's take a look at 5 important things to keep in mind when deciding to use a SEO optimized WordPress theme to improve SEO for your wordpress website.

1. Responsiveness and Mobile-First Design

Today most users browse websites not only via desktop computers and laptops, but also via mobile phones and tablets. This makes the site mandatory and responsive for mobile devices. If your website does not meet this requirement, it is likely that many of your customers may leave your site.

Mobile-First Design

Themes play an important role when it comes to website responsiveness. Choosing a bad theme can hinder not only potential customers but even your SEO. When users stay on your site for a long enough time it will improve your Seo quality. Also, with the implementation of Google's first mobile indexing algorithm, it is important that your theme is compatible with mobile devices. Sites that are not mobile friendly will have lower rankings than mobile-friendly websites, and that will affect your SEO on Google search engine.

2. Browser compatibility

Not only does your theme need to be responsive and mobile friendly, it is equally important to be compatible with different browsers. Compatibility between many browsers is important because users not only view your site on different media, but also on different browsers and each browser interprets the code in a different way. If a particular browser does not support your site, then your site may not display properly and reduce the user experience. This can result in visitors abandoning the site within seconds leading to an increased bounce rate, and it will affect your SEO. An SEO friendly WordPress theme must be compatible with leading browsers like Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

3. Compatible with many different SEO plugins

The compatibility of an SEO friendly theme with elements on your WordPress site is very important. One of these elements is the plugin. Most websites use different plugins and they are an integral part of the WordPress website. Now imagine, a scenario where plugins and themes are not compatible. It will give rise to a range of problems and the possibility of SEO quality will be reduced. To fix this problem, make sure that the theme you install is not only SEO friendly, but also compatible with the plugins you are using.

4. Download speed affects Seo for wordpress website

If your theme is too cumbersome with lots of elements, it will take a long time to load. In fact, according to a study, if you have a mobile website and take more than 3 seconds to load then 53% of users may abandon your site. When choosing a SEO friendly WordPress theme you need to make sure that the theme is not too heavy. Another important aspect that affects the loading speed of the theme is the hosting service you choose to use. Even if you have the most optimized themes and plugins, it won't be helpful if your hosting service is slow and laggy. We recommend WordPress Hosting is the best option for hosting websites using WordPress. WordPress Hosting at HOSTVN using SSD hard drives with Litespeed and being optimized will definitely improve your website loading speed.

5. Integrating Schema.org Markup

Themes that use Schema.org markup tend to improve the quality of the site from an SEO perspective. With this document, search engines can understand website content better by better categorizing their listings. One of the important things that can help is to increase the number of visitors on your site through search engine results. Below is an example in which Schema.org markup makes rich snippets appear.

Schema.org - Seo for wordpress website


Through this article, I hope to help you in choosing a theme for your website, thereby improving the quality of SEO for the website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment below!