5 pitfalls when moving to Telco cloud should be avoided


5 pitfalls when moving to Telco cloud should be avoided -Are you thinking about moving some businesses to the cloud? You see that as part of a growing trend, as more than 65% of businesses today in the US alone are currently using the cloud in some capacity. Cloud computing is a way to save money and increase your application performance. But this transition is not always seamless. Whether you are an individual consumer or a business owner, there are a number of factors to keep in mind, from choosing the right telco cloud provider to finding the right management system for your needs. Here are five common pitfalls to avoid if you think about moving to the cloud.

1. Thinking about cloud online is just one thing.


There is more than one type of cloud service, so don't make the common mistake of seeing the cloud as a one size fits all solution. Private clouds are created for a business or individual, created according to the specifications you need. These include applications, communications and infrastructure. Public clouds are what many people are familiar with, accessible using third-party networks. The hybrids combine the best of both worlds, protecting private data in a private cloud but also having public access to additional services. In addition to public, private or combined, cloud services include platform services, software services or other functions. Think about the functions you really need, and the level of privacy you require.

2. Move everything to the cloud at the same time.


It seems like everyone else is taking a big leap of faith in the cloud, but this doesn't mean you have to move your applications at the same time. You will migrate some of your services to get started and make any necessary edits before you move anything else. So, if something goes wrong, you will adjust your strategy.

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3. Do not compare features of telco cloud providers.


Just like there are different cloud functions, there are also many telco cloud service providers out there to choose and choose. Before you sign a specific telecom company like Nokia Networks or a cloud management company, learn more about their security features, management systems and pricing structure. That's the same process you would follow with any utility company, so treat cloud services equally to avoid unpleasant or unexpected charges.

4. Do not test your application.


When you move apps to the cloud, don't forget that they will work differently in this new medium. Applications in the cloud need to share computing resources with other applications on the same server, instead of benefiting from the full computing power of the internal server. Therefore, there will initially be a problem that you need to check before moving other applications.

5. No long-term strategy development.


Go slow and carefully examine each component of your cloud strategy. This will help you have a solid management system in the long term, instead of hurdles to meet short-term goals. If you just look at the cloud about what it can do for you right now, you'll miss out on bigger opportunities and touch a design wall at some point. Talk to the experts for a plan that makes the most sense for your organization or personal computing needs, so you can develop and adjust your strategy over time.

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Cloud computing is going nowhere, and as more telecom companies launch new products and services, it's important to compare your options carefully to find the right fit.