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When you download documents on the Internet such as references, curriculum, large assignments ... you see that the Header and Footer sections contain the author's personal information.

And when you download, you do not want to use the information on that Header and Footer anymore, now surely you have to find a way to delete that Header and Footer. So how to delete Header and Footer in Word, then in this article I will guide you in detail.

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Suppose here I have the following document: Including Header and Footer, now I will guide you 3 How to delete Header and Footer.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (1)


+ Step 1: Double click directly on the Header of the text => then highlight the content in the Header => you delete by pressing the key Delete or Backspace on the keyboard.

To exit you click Close Header and Footer, or press the key ESC Please.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (2)

+ Step 2: Continue to double click Footer => then highlight content in Footer => you also delete it by pressing the key Delete or Backspace.

To exit you click Close Header and Footer, or press the key ESC on the keyboard.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (3)

Result: Text has removed Header and Footer, guys.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (4)

+ Step 1: Delete the Header

You choose to Tab Insert => Next select enter Header => then select Remove Header to delete.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (5)

+ Step 2: Delete Footer

Similarly you choose to Tab Insert => Next select enter Footer => then select Remove Footer to delete.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (6)

Result: All Headers and Footers in Word have been deleted, guys.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (7)

+ Step 1: In the Word interface, click Tab File.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (8)

+ Step 2: In the new interface click on the item Info => then look to the right content you click on Check for Issues => Next select on content Inspect Document.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (9)

+ Step 3: Display interface Document Inspector. Here you only check the content Headers, Footers, and Watermarks => then click continue Inspect.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (10)

+ Step 4: At this point, the tool will check all Headers and Footers in Word. You just need to press Remove All to delete all Header and Footer content in content is done.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (11)

+ Step 5: When successfully deleted, the notification interface will appear as shown below, then you choose Close to close.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (12)

Result: Then return to the word interface, the entire Header and Footer have been deleted.

how-rub-header-and-footer-in-word (13)

# 4. Conclude

So I have to guide you 3 how to delete Header and Footer in Word. The first method is simpler, but users need to visit each Header and Footer to delete each content individually.

The second way we have to use the Remove Header and Remove Footer features to delete a little longer than the way. In the third way, we will quickly delete all the headers and end the page content, or Watermark in Word.

You can flexibly apply one of these to different documents / documents for best results. Hope this knowledge will help you. Good luck !

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