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Surely we all have the occasional nasty, even crazy by people or problems annoying.


But Albert Einstein once asserted: "Anger only lurks in the chest of fools."

You need to understand that anger is instinctive, control anger is bravery. Anger is triggered by a variety of reasons, but the consequences of anger are always greater than its causes.

So let's live more bravely through a few small mantras to control anger effectively.

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#first. "Nobody is important enough to make me angry."

In fact, it's normal for us to get angry at someone, for very normal reasons.

Are you angry because that person bothered you, because you didn't receive respect or because of a lot of differences in opinion?


However, keep this in mind: "Nobody is important enough to make me angry."

That's right, you have spent a lot of time trying to become a perfect whole. You cannot lose that perfection by a few minutes of anger.

Look at the problem holistically, consider whether they are worth the time and energy just to get angry.

It will be disastrous if you get mad at someone just because of a small misunderstanding. At that time, your anger will hurt many people, even make the relationship worse.

Every time I feel like I'm about to get angry, I think of this saying first. It was that that helped me get rid of the small memories and be more selfless.

#2. "I don't mind being criticized."


Has your pride ever been severely damaged by harsh words?

Have you ever been angry to silence when you heard something completely wrong about who you are? Definitely yes, I've faced them many times.

The good news is that you can control your emotions with just one sentence you really like: "When you are wrong, you have no right to be angry. When you're right, you don't have to be angry.

Now, consider the baseless fabrications that hurt you. We all know that we cannot live up to everyone, so gossip is an essential part of life.

I often call it the scandals that life gives, helping my life more colorful.

Let's think simple! You have no reason to bother because of them, because they do not exist? The only way to assert yourself is to take action. Let's take action and show them how strong and brave you really are.

As for the criticism, let's take it as a bit of a rough comment 🙂 If you feel they are somewhat right, change, we are all aiming for perfection. If not, then ignore it, life is too short, do not waste time bothering about trivial and meaningless things.

# 3. "No one is really perfect"

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This is the most powerful comforting remedy for times when you are justified in anger.

Usually, in the face of serious and obvious mistakes that others make to us, we tend to attack them harshly through words, also known as verbal violence.

So starting today, every time you are about to give your all to scold someone badly, think of your own feelings when faced with harsh criticism. Surely the opposite person will feel hurt and helpless as you were then.

Remember that no one is perfect. Who knows if you later become the same person who made the same mistake?

So don't be mean to anyone, what we need together are gentle words of encouragement. Surely, that attitude of yours will make other people very impressed, and you will also be pleased with yourself!

# 4. Epilogue

So we have shared some sayings that make you control anger immediately. Please limit your temper as much as possible to make life more gentle offline.

In addition to the great sayings above, if you have any other "mantras" that you have applied successfully, do not forget to share them again for everyone to discuss offline.

Good luck !

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