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The greatest gift of human life is time. And each of us is a millionaire holding that flawless spiritual value.

However, time only really glows when you know how to use them effectively. You see, we all have 24 hours in a day, and that's still going on.

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But there are people who truly succeed and live meaningfully - there are individuals who are content with mediocrity, who fail throughout their lives.

So what are those people basically different about? Isn't that the way they spend their time?

So what are you waiting for, let's find out 3 Principle of effective use of time To make sure you won't waste any more precious moments!

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#first. Organize the work in order of priority

Many people often complain: "I have worked a lot but it seems time is not enough.". That is because they do not know how to arrange the work properly. Don't work hard, work in a scientific and intelligent way!

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Often you will face so many different things, big and small, in one day. Of course, there will be important things, and even the small things that do not take too much time and effort.

Therefore, create yourself a special task list, in which you can categorize 3 levels: Low, Medium and High.

For high-priority tasks such as meeting customers or checking emails from colleagues, put them at the top of the list and start working immediately.

The more you complete such tasks, the more effective and meaningful your day will be.

As for the problem that is ranked as average, it means that it is important but not too urgent - we often call long-term goals such as exercise or learning English, etc. show up steadily through the day.

Although it can not be completed immediately, but after a training process, you will see the huge effects of it.

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After all, things like surfing the web for news updates - usually tabloids, coffee with crushes, going out with old friends, etc. should be at the bottom of your list.

Because they are things that are not important, not laborious but take up too much time.

You can choose to do them after finishing all the high and medium jobs, but in case you can't, a polite refusal is not a bad idea too 🙂

#2. Learn to say "NO"

Surely you have found it difficult to receive invitations to the party too suddenly is not it. Old class meetings, weddings, visits ... all come at once while you're still busy dealing with a lot of other important things.

In such cases even the happiest person feels uncomfortable and tired. Therefore, do not let go of the blame when texting to invite someone to go to coffee and still lose them nhé

In any case, it's difficult to decide between accepting and rejecting, especially when old friends invite too "enthusiastically". So you have to put aside your work and choose to meet your friends, even if it's not fun in your heart.

But you can completely choose otherwise.

Put these boring invitations at low priority that I mentioned in part # 1. And in case you can't arrange your time to attend, tell frankly. ” IS NOT ".

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Do not be afraid to offend your friends, I assure you that nobody will bother for long. In the worst case scenario, you might lose some relationships, but don't be sad for long.

Because if they are really long-term people with you, then before such things, they should have sympathized with you.

# 3. Focus on solving the problem

And after you have eliminated all external factors, all you need to do is wholeheartedly pursue your work.

Remember the excitement when starting up the idea of ​​doing something, it's new and wonderful, isn't it? But you know what it feels like when you're done getting stuff done even better!

Focus on solving the problem in the smartest and fastest way. Remember, it takes a lot of concentration to get things done in a day.

I don't want to waste any time! Don't just plan it and leave it, it is meaningless.

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If you still have difficulty concentrating, please refer to the article The Secret To Helping You Work More In Focus Before!

# 4. Epilogue

Above are the Principle of effective use of time Best that you should apply immediately to your own life. Wish you quickly master your time and use it wisely.

Do not forget to share with Blog interesting methods in the process of perfecting yourself through each day!

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