Your Uninstaller 7.5 Pro - Uninstall the best Windows software

    Your Uninstaller 7.5 Your is a multifaceted system maintenance tool with several useful features to completely uninstall programs, manage startup items, remove Internet traces and clean up junk. Although there are many built-in tools to use, this program is quite insightful and easy to use.

    Your Uninstaller 7.5 Pro
    Your Uninstaller 7.5 Pro

    Like Revo Uninstaller, the program displays a list of applications that you can select to delete. However, unlike before, this latter shows more applications for deletion on a Windows PC.

    Clicking on the View is like the Windows Detailed view that lets you arrange applications by their properties such as size, installation date and last access date. From the side panel, you just need to change the interface language according to your choice. The menu is the center of various gadgets like the Security Center and On-Screen Keyboard.

    In addition to Uninstall, the table below shows more options: Advanced Uninstall, AutoFix (scans for problems), Quick Uninstall and Empty (to remove empty directories). However, clicking Uninstall will display a wizard that provides four different modes: Integrated (Typical Uninstall), Normal (slower safe mode with registry scanning), Safe (fastest integrated mode with simple registry scan) and Super (normal mode with trace scan makes it the most effective but also the slowest).

    In addition to the various deletion capabilities, you'll love the variety of tools: Startup manager to control which applications load at startup, Trace Eraser to erase Internet Explorer history, Disk Cleaner and File Shredder. to safely delete files forever. These tools ensure that your system works optimally and does not have any type of malware infection. An interesting feature is the Hunter Mode or drag and drop technology that works like dragging icons to the Trash. On top of that, the tool works on both 32 and 64 bit programs.

    If you've ever used the habit of uninstalling Windows, you'll know how troublesome it can be, because it leaves registry keys, missing files and extensions on your hard disk. Such uneaten food certainly affects the performance of your system.

    To completely erase even these files and keys, you need a professional tool that can remove these identified links, fix broken settings, and force stubborn programs to leave. This is why you need it Your Uninstaller 7.

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