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Sony: A big man is present in many fields such as electronics, technology ... and has achieved a very high position in those fields, but they seem to be quite pathetic on 2 very fertile areas and Today's potential is smartphones and computers.

The company sold its Sony Vaio laptop brand, but continued to retain the Xperia Smartphone brand, although this segment lost nearly $ 1 billion of Sony within a year. So what is the reason? Please join me to learn more in this article!

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#first. Laptop shopping needs are different from Smartphones

The price of Sony Vaio phones is in the same situation as the Xperia smartphones: The price is too high but the quality is only average.

download-sony-ban-vaio-ma-ko-tu-tu-or-ban-xperia (2)

Configuration or technology of Vaio Laptop is not too different, durability is quite high, easy to repair, but with the general decline of the laptop market, Sony had to sell Vaio because it was not profitable.

The price of a cheap laptop, can be equal to a good phone. However, with smartphones, if the user's replacement cycle ranges from 6 months to 3 years, the laptop is 3 years to 5 years.

The difference is too big, and of course the less active Laptop market than Smartphones is understandable.

#2. Making phones for fun?

Is not. Sony does not spare such time!

Its smartphones retain the same design across many lines, including this year's devices such as Xperia 1, 5, 8, 10 and 10 Plus, with a square design, screen ratio of 21: 9, and fingerprint sensor on the side.

In addition, Sony is behind in technology compared to other brands. Sony still doesn't have a 5G smartphone, doesn't have an in-screen fingerprint sensor, doesn't have a notch, a mole or a retractable camera.

Naturally, the Xperia development team is not a scarecrow. They know what it takes to run a Smartphone, but they don't make Xperia to run.

The Sony Xperia 1 has very Pro photography technologies, but the quality of photos is inferior to other competitors. Devices that use Sony sensors can take better photos than Xperia.

download-sony-ban-vai-vaio-ma-khong-tu-ban-or-ban-xperia (3)

The PlayStation console system has excellent gaming support technologies. However, Xperia does not.

Sony's ability to listen to music is also quite markedly inferior to its Walkman player.

What we can see here is that Sony does not want Xperia to affect its other businesses.

In other words, Xperia is a tool for Sony to show off half-hearted, incomplete technologies, emphasizing that their other products can do more than that.

The Sony CEO has stated that their retention of Xperia is a prelude. They think smartphones are becoming the most popular entertainment tool, instead of TVs or music players, so they want to keep this segment.

download-sony-ban-vaio-ma-ko-Khai-tu-or-ban-xperia (1)

And Xperia also let Sony test 5G, when it also thinks that 5G will soon become important for the technology manufacturing industry.

Looking from many directions, there are too many reasons for Sony to retain the smartphone segment, even though Xperia caused a lot of money loss for the company (too rich).

And Sony's fans are also very happy with what it is doing up to now. Anyway, I still hope Xperia can stand on the market Smartohone again, so as not to please Sony's fans.

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