What is guest blogging? How to build an effective Guest Post

What is guest blogging? How to build an effective Guest Post

Currently, there are many blogs launched with many topics such as: blog to make money online, blog to share tips, culinary blog, travel, ...

Of course, each of the different blog topics will have strong and weak. There are famous quality blogs, some blogs are only mediocre. So how do these "normal" blogs become famous, popular?

This article of mine is the answer to the above question. Guest Blogging will be a solution to help your blog reach more readers.

Let's find out What is guest blogging and how to build an effective Guest Blogging article.

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Guest Blogging (Guest Posting) is a form of posting on other blogs with similar topics in order to reach readers, navigate and enhance the brand.

Abroad, the form of Guest Blogging has been around for a long time and has been booming. In Vietnam, Guest Blogging has just appeared recently and is quite new and strange. Vietnamese blogs that use the form of Guest Blogging are not many, typical can be mentioned as ngocdenroi.com, kiemtiencenter.com, ...

However, you should make a clear distinction between Guest Blogging and policies of collaborators writing or hiring writers.

  • For collaborators who write or hire writers, the blog owner must pay them a fee to get the blog post.

  • As for guest blogs, it is completely voluntary. People who want to find readers, navigate traffic on large blogs will join guest posts to post and point links to their blogs.
    So this is a great way for bloggers to help each other in the process of building and developing the blog.

Besides, I see many blogs that encourage guest posts by paying a certain amount of money or gifts. However, it is still Guest Blogging, not a paid article. 😀

Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. For blog owners

For blog owners (who allow guest posting on their blog), this will be an opportunity to help them update new articles without having to spend research, research and writing. Besides, there is also the opportunity to interact with new pieces of knowledge, sharing experiences from the guest post.

In addition, this is also a method to help increase the reputation of the blog. Most guest blogging blogs are big blogs that get a lot of attention.

For those who first visit the blog will see that: “Ah! This blog has a guest post, it must be very reputable and quality ”… or something like that.

2. For Guest Post posters

The benefit of Guest Blogging largely belongs to the guest posters. These include:

  • Improve SEO capabilities for blogs

Gone are the days of SEO on top of Google with hundreds and thousands of backlinks from forums and social networks. Currently Google evaluates SEO backlinks by power and relevance. And Guest Blogging is an extremely useful way to find such backlinks. Let's analyze it together:

Regarding relevance: If you participate in guest blogging on blogs on the same topic or related to the topic you are writing, then the backlinks pointing to your blog from those blogs are extremely valuable. Google really loves such backlinks.

About strength: As I said above, most major blogs use the form of Guest Blogging. So if you have links pointing back from quality blogs, those links will also become extremely quality. This can be called "backlinks flow" or "reputation sharing".

  • Increase visits for blogs

In addition to the tremendous effect on SEO, guest posts also bring you a great deal of access. The more you participate in guest guest posts, the more traffic your visitors will generate.


Popular blogs get thousands of hits a day. Their readers are always waiting for new posts. And when your article appears, you know, a lot of traffic will flow to your blog, see who the owner of that article is.

In addition, this traffic is very stable.

  • Branding

If your shared article is useful and brings a lot of value to readers, it will create a premise for you to build your brand easily and quickly.

Quickly, you will be exposed to a lot of readers when guest posting on famous blogs. Your article is valuable, surely the readers will find you next time. And if your blog posts are worth >> You build a successful brand !!

However, in return for the above benefits, you need to bring more value to readers with a quality Guest Post. Basically the way to build a Guest Post is the same as when you are writing a blog post. The only difference is posted on other blogs only. 😀

In the following section, I will have a few notes and methods for you to build a quality Guest Post, bringing many benefits.

How to build a good, effective Guest Post article

From the benefits of Guest Blogging mentioned above, I draw a number of methods while guest posting to fully persuade the blog owner, causing them to accept posting your article on the blog.

1. Choose a blog with the same topic

This is a method to help you increase the strength of backlicks pointing to the site. As mentioned above, backlinks from the same topic blogs are very popular with Google, beneficial for SEO.

In addition, articles with the same topic are more easily accepted by blog owners.

Therefore, you should choose popular blogs with the same topic as your blog to post Guest Post.

2. Read the rules carefully before posting

"If you want to play, you have to know the rules." This is a famous saying of the foreign trade community when doing business.

The same goes for Guest Blog. If you want the article to be published on a blog, you must abide by the rules and regulations set by the blog owner. If your violation means your post is not published.

Basically there will be some rules that most famous bloggers apply to Guest Blogging as follows:

  • Article not copied from other sources. Self-writing required.

  • The length of the article is about 800-1000 words focusing on a specific topic.

  • Should use images, videos illustrating the blog.

  • Posted posts are not posted on personal blogs.

  • Rules on backlinks.

You should remember that the blog owner is very strict during the article review process. So follow the rules and ask them to give them.

3. Join comments, support readers

After your article is posted on the famous blog, you should follow and participate in the comment section to receive comments from readers.

This is a method to help you build brand and trust from readers.


  • Join the comment, support readers will help the article to receive more interaction, sympathize with the readers.

  • Show your readers you are valuable.

When participating in support comments, you should leave constructive comments. Addressing problems they encounter during the reading process.

This is a very effective method to help you build your personal brand on the Internet and get more access to the blog.

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So through this article I have explained it to you What is guest blogging and How to write Guest Post effectively. The benefit from Guest Blogging is tremendous if you know how to apply it correctly.

However, in Vietnam, this form has not been well-developed and it is dying. Therefore, Vietnam bloggers community should join hands to develop the form of guest blog, help each other in the process of building and developing blogs.

If you have any questions about Guest Blogging, don't forget to leave a comment for us to discuss.

Good luck!!!

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