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Welcome back to the Knowledge Sharing Blog. Continue with the Series Tactical Corner Then today I will share with you what you need to know when going to the jungle in Lien Quan Mobile game.

I. How to choose a jungler

There are many strong junglers in League of Legends, but these are still the ways in which I will talk about them.

#first. Forest killer

automatic-motion-sensing (5)

First to mention assassins like the generals Nakroth, Murad, Kriknak and Enzo. These are the general generals for the role of jungling.

This is the meta that appeared since Lien Lien Mobile just launched. At that time, Nakroth was the first assassin to be brought to the forest path.

And until now still known as the God of the Forest in the coalition due to the superior characteristics of General Nakroth himself as well as the role of assassin. To help you more easily visualize, I will analyze this tactic.


- First, Assassin is a champion with a lot of damage so the ability to clean up jungle monsters is very fast. So that's the first strong point of the assassin generals when they go to the forest.

- Next with the assassin is a champion with high mobility so it is convenient for ganking to support teammates and map control.

- Tuesday, the Assassin is a high damage champion, so the main task is to catch the main death in the fight. Therefore, it is very necessary to go to the forest when it is easy to disappear when hiding in the grass.


- Besides the advantages, the paper blood is the downside of the Assassin. Therefore, in order to perform well the main killing mission, it not only needs damage but also reasonable entrance and exit in the fight. This takes a lot of practice to know.

#2. Gunner goes to the forest

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The next meta is to use a gunner on a jungle lane.

The person who initiated this Meta was the SSCC player and the first champion was Violet and Slim. Up to now, this meta is very popular and very powerful.


- As the main role of carrying the team, the gunner needs a lot of gold and the protection from Support. So if going on the road will be many people ask, to avoid that, the gunner is a very good solution.

- Because identity is Ad so we need gold to grow fast. So when going to the forest there will be more resources as well as gold and more experience to carry the team.


- Just like an assassin, the gunner does not have much blood and armor, so it is easy to be looked at by an assassin.

- Next is the gank need to be cautious and need SP protection.

# 3. Gladiators go to the forest

natural-environment-control-equipment (7)

Next is the champion line Gladiators brought into the jungle role.


- Gladiators have toughness and abundant blood, so when jungling has enough resistance to fight or dispute major targets.

- Almost Gladiators Both have medium to high maneuverability, so ganking to support hills is also very easy.

- Not only has abundant blood and armor, the Gladiator's damage is also very stable.


- As for the gladiator general, there are very few drawbacks. However, it is not impossible but it is only for each different general. So it is very difficult to say it all!

II. Choose the jungler

Unlike the champion line, the position of each champion in each line is different. So choosing the right champion is always a headache. And here, I will introduce you to the following options:

#first. Pick a champion

Just like any other position, choosing a champion is always a very reasonable choice of champion. And the forest road is no exception. With the ownership of the cabinet, you will have the following advantages:

- The first is that you will know the strengths and weaknesses of the champion you are using.

- Next, from that champion you will know how to play in each case and each different battle.

- In the end, you will have very high confidence and will know when to fight and when not to.

#2. Choosing champions according to Meta

Unlike the champion, the champion according to Meta is always a separate strength according to each season.

As it is in season 11-12, I will introduce to you 4 generals who dominate the jungle today. These 4 generals don't have any strongest generals, it only counteracts each other.

2.1. Nakroth

hand-held-with-a-sound-to-be-understanding (4)

The first position is always Nakroth, although he has been nerfed in many seasons, Nakroth's position never changes. Strength is maneuverability, so when playing you take advantage to turn virtual as well as capture the gunner and enemy mainstay offline!

2.2. Kriknak

hand-in-hand with a mobile device (3)

Next up is Kriknak, rumored to be a child of Nakroth so the champion doesn't lose to his predecessor. The strength is the massive damage, so make good use of this to catch the main force and weak enemies to take advantage of the fighting.

2.3. Enzo

hand-held-in-dealing-with-a-touch-screen (1)

Although the new general but Romance of Enzo had its own position. The strength is high damage and uncomfortable control, so please take advantage of this to cause mutations in teamfights.

2.4. Rourke

hand-in-hand-with-vibe (6)

As the first gunner general of the Coalition, he possessed very unique abilities. Terrible damage from the gunner, in addition to the resistance from gladiators Rourke very strong. Please take advantage of this to cause mutations in teamfight!

III. Epilogue

So through the tactical corner today, I have shared with you a part of the jungle experience in Lien Lien Mobile.

Hope you guys will climb the Rank well and continue to support to get good jungle experience from Tactical corner Next series! Thank you, cordial and goodbye.

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