Simply hide posts in WordPress

    If for some reason you want your posts to not show up on the WordPress website , only those with links will be able to access them, then this tutorial is for you. With just a few simple steps, you can hide posts from the homepage (homepage / frontpage), categories (categories), tags (tags), search results (search) and author pages (author page). . Please take a minute to learn the basics of WP right here.

    Hide articles in WordPress website

    1. First, you need to install and activate a plugin called WordPress Hide Posts ( download link ).


    2. Next, access the article editing / editing interface. On the sidebar on the right of the editing pane, you'll see an additional item called Hide Posts .



    • Hide on frontpage : hide from homepage.
    • Hide on categories : hide from the article list of categories.
    • Hide on search : hide from search results on the website.
    • Hide on page tags : hide from the post list of tags.
    • Hide on authors page : hide from the article list of the author page.

    Want to hide the article from any page, just tick it. Finally, click the Update / Publish button to save. Simple as that, wish you success!

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