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Making money directly with Shopee Affiliate is different from joining networks to make money from Shopee? Advantages, disadvantages and difficulty of Shopee Affiliate compared to networks?

In the previous article, I have instructions on how to register Shopee Affiliate and how to make money with Shopee on Partnerize system. If you have any questions about the registration or link creation process, you can comment in this article or in the other article for your support.


In this article, I will share some of my experience and reviews about Shopee Affiliate platform after 1 time participating. From there help you choose the best platform to join Make money with Shopee.

The points I will bring out for comparison include functions such as: the commission level of the industry, how to create affiliate links, promotions to promote, track reports, receive payments.

You have not joined Shopee Affiliate can register at this link: http://shopee.vn/affiliate and track information on fanpage: https://facebook.com/tiepthilienketShopeeVietnam

Then you can comment username and email in the comment section below, I will help you contact Shopee Affiliate to activate your account faster.

OK, got it Below is the detailed Shopee Affiliate review information you remember reading to be able to give a review yourself.

Shopee's affiliate marketing platform video

The commission level is higher than other networks

Below is a photo of Shopee Affiliate's share of commissions and the three major net in Vietnam today are Accesstrade, MasOffer and Ecomobi. Through this you will see the difference between the parties.

Shopee's commissions

Shopee Affiliate's shared commission is the highest

Accesstrade shared commissions


MasOffer's shared commission


Ecomobi shared commission level


Through the tables above it is easy to see, working directly with Affiliate Shopee you will receive the highest commission. Next is the Ecomobi platform and finally the Accesstrade and MasOffer platforms have the same commission.

This is not surprising, because doing directly with Shopee will not be "scrap cutting”Like through another network.

Regarding the link tracking, I appreciate the networks because they have the tool to create visual links, easier to use as well as support for shortening links through 3rd parties like bit.ly.

As for Shopee Affiliate, currently there is only way to create link tracking through Shopon addon Short Link of Chrome browser is stable and an advanced way to create deep links but a bit difficult to use. As for creating links in Partnerize platform, it is not stable operation.

see more: Guide to register and create tracking tracking with Affiliate Shopee details

Tracking report recorded orders

With the Shopee Affiliate platform, I like the best part of reporting clicks and conversions in real time. Sometimes when I look at the number of clicks it jumps to see the number of conversions it increases and I'm happy :))

To view some basic reports on click, conversion or commission, you can view it right in the dashboard. However, the system also has a section for you to view details of click and order reports in the Reporting section.


On this Reporting page you can see where the clicks are coming from, at what time and which clicks have the orders converted. With the order report, you can see details of the order value, time of order, equipment used for purchase and the commission you receive for that order (the commission level is usually updated after approximately 2-4 days).

However, there is one point that I think Shopee Affiliate needs to improve more is in the order report, I can not see what the order was purchased for, although it is possible to get the SKU code of the order.

If you have and are making money with Lazada Affiliate, it can be very easy to find that order and buy any product with SKU code. Hopefully in the near future Shopee Affiliate can improve this item.

With this report, compared to networks, there is nothing to say. Because certainly The report on Shopee Affiliate will be more detailed and no matter how detailed the reporting on networks, Shopee Affiliate is no better. Due to the fact that networks also regain these parameters from the reporting system of Shopee Affiliate.

Receive commission payment

Receiving commissions on Shopee Affiliate and networks like Accesstrade, MasOffer or Ecomobi in the same manner. That is, you must declare the form of payment and payment account information on each party's system.

However, there are differences at the end to be able to receive money on the account. With the networks I work with upstairs, it is easier to receive money that is at a fixed time of the month they will perform.

With Shopee Affiliate

I participated in making money with Shopee Affiliate so far 5 months from the date Shopee still uses the HasOffers platform and now switches to Partnerize platform.

I have also received commissions from Shopee 5 times, but 5 times I have received “surprise" receive. Because, the time of each payment is 1 different day, there is no fixed date so I don't know where to wait.

But, up to the present time when Shopee started publicly registering money with Shopee Affiliate, I have seen the payment policy more clearly.


Accordingly, you can request a withdrawal after having an invoice set up on the system in the month T + 30 (meaning the money of September, you will receive in November). To check the invoice and request payment you access the item Payments and click Withdraw.

With networks

With networks, the payment time is usually on a fixed day of the month. This date depends on network rules. As far as I can see, Accesstrade is currently paid in T +60, MasOffer is T + 45 and Ecomobi is T + 30.

However, with the network, you only need to check the report for any errors, the payment is automatically on the network, they will transfer money to the account without you having to make a request to receive money. .

The conclusion is that compared to the network then Make money with Shopee Affiliate you will receive your payment sooner.


After a long time of joining, it is not too long but not too short and it is also one of the first people who join the Shopee affiliate marketing system.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you should join the network because there will be AM guides on how to generate income. You can also join Make money with Shopee Affiliate Always but if you have no experience then no one will guide.

If you have experience and have participated in making money on Shopee through the network, you can consider moving to Shopee directly because the commission will be much higher.

In summary, each channel will have a different strength, so you should consider choosing accordingly. Wish you will make a lot of money with affiliate marketing in general and with Shopee in particular.


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