[Shopee Affiliate] Instructions To Register, Create Link To Make Money


Make money with Shopee! Are you looking to make a lot of money with ecommerce Shopee? So, register to make money with Shopee Affiliate so you can make up to several thousand dollars a month.

Shopee shopping site has now grown to become the No. 1 e-commerce platform in Vietnam (Shopee surpassed Lazada from the third quarter of 2018). Therefore, the opportunity to make great money with Shopee is completely real with Vietnamese MMO brothers.

Instructions on how to register to make money with Shopee Affiliate

If before, to do affiliate marketing Shopee, you must sign up for Accesstrade or MasOffer and then join campain Shopee on those platforms. However, Shopee recently opened its own affiliate marketing platform and invited a number of publishers to join (I'm also lucky to be able to choose).

Up to the present time, the platform Shopee Affiliate opened to most participating publishers. So, in this article as an experienced person, I will show you how to register and make money with Shopee Affiliate.

Why choose to make money with Shopee Affiliate?

Before I get started, I also talk a little bit about why I choose to make money with Shopee Affiliate platform but not money through Accesstrade or MasOffer.

Making money with Affiliate Shopee in particular or Affiliate Marketing in general has a strong point with people making money online because you can sell goods without having to have products or deliveries.

But here I am not talking much about Affiliate Marketing but I will talk about the advantages of making money directly with Shopee without having to go through any other platform. That is:

  • Shopee has many customers, so the buying rate is very high.
  • Shopee has a lot of products for you to market.
  • High commission up to 11%
  • There are many promotions (we can say that every day promotion)
  • Order conversion rate is high, but cancellation rate is also high.
  • Doing affiliate Shopee through net like Accestrade or MasOffer will lower the commission. However, in return you will be more supported by the AM if you are new.

Shopee's commission recognition policy

  • Record the first order: This means that after a user clicks on the first purchase link, cookies are deleted and the second one is not logged.
  • Cookie retention time is 30 days for website, 7 days for App.
  • Calculate the last click: That means users can click on many affiliate links of different people before buying. When that user clicks on the last aff link, the order will be credited to that person.

Currently, the only thing I'm not satisfied with is the slow payment time. Looking at the payment terms, I found that it was after 60 days. However, it is currently in July that I received the payment of April, which is 90 days.

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OK, got it If you want to register to make money with Shopee Affiliate, follow the steps below to register for an account and create marketing links.

Steps to register for a Shopee Affiliate account

Step 1: Access to this link To register an account.

Step 2: Complete the information fields as shown in the image below. Then click Next.

Fill in your personal details and Affiliate Shopee account information

Step 3: Fill in the contact information in the fields and then click Next.

Complete contact information

Step 4: Declare some information about marketing as well as the traffic source you intend to use to make money with Shopee Affiliate. Then click Finish.

Declare the traffic sources you use to make money with Shopee Affiliate

You have already signed up for your Shopee Affiliate account. Now, you wait about 2-7 business days for Shopee to review and activate your account if you qualify.

After the review period, if your account is enabled to make money with Shopee, then return to this article and read the instructions below for creating affiliate marketing with Shopee.

After successful registration, you login to the Shopee Affiliate page will see the following interface.

Show always gives you income in July 2019 (the poor)

To create a marketing link (deep link Shopee) you click on the logo Partnerize Then select the menu Campaign tracking like this.

In addition, you can click on the Content menu -> Tracking to open this tool.


The deep link creation tool page opens, look at the image below and follow the instructions as follows.

  • Section 1: Select Camp to create marketing link, here is the default camp Shopee Vietnam.
  • Section 2: Enter the following parameters:
    • Deeplink: Required to enter the link Shopee page you want to introduce. For example: https://shopee.vn/m/deal-1k or https://shopee.vn/m/revodich
    • Adref and Pubref: You may enter or leave blank. This is the parameter for your tracking marketing campaign. It is like the parameters utm_source and utm_campain.
  • Section 3: You take 1 of 2 links in this section to insert into the web or share for someone to buy goods and you will be noted the application.
    • Tracking link: This is a deep link that has tracking tracking attached to the order.
    • URL shortener: This is still the tracking tracking for your order. However this is a shortened link.
Create deep Link Shopee Affiliate

However, the above link creation method currently recommended by Shopee is not to be used because tracking is still not stable. So please create the link according to the instructions below.

This is how Shopee currently recommends it. So use this method to create links.

Note: From step 1 to step 3 you only have to do when you first install the addon. And to get the affiliate link of Shopee, you do from step 4.

Step 1: Visit this link with Google Chrome browser or Coc Coc. Click here Add to Chrome to install addon.


Step 2: Log in to your Shopee Affiliate account on this page https://console.partnerize.com. Then click on the Partnerize logo in the upper right corner and select Account settings.

You will get User API Key in the red frame as shown in the image below.


Step 3: Click the Shopee Short Link icon in the browser extension bar. Then click Settings.

The installation panel will appear, friend Enter the User API Key code just obtained in the previous step enter and Click Login to connect the addon with Shopee Affiliate account.


Step 4: How to create an affiliate link of Shopee

Go to the link on the Shopee to which you want to create the link. For example, I access the page https://shopee.vn/flash_sale. Then, click on the Shopee Short Link icon.

Tracking Link table appears, click Generate Tracking Link to create an aff link. Then you copy the link created to start making money.


Also, notice the section Add Source & PubRef. This is the section where you can add tracking parameters to track the effectiveness of each campaign. It is similar to the utm_source parameter used for normal tracking.

For those of you who want to create a fast affiliate link for your own system requires you to know the code.

Creating this link is also supported by Shopee Documentation here.

View the order report of campaigns

To view detailed reports on the performance of campaigns you can access the menu Reporting. Then use the left hand filter and read the campaign parameters on the right like this.

View effective marketing campaign report

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Set up billing information

The most important thing when doing affiliate marketing with Shopee is to get money back to your account. So you need to set up billing information so Shopee can pay you.

To set up payment information you do the following.

Click on the logo Partnerize -> Payment Settings. Then click Add payment method.


You fill in the payment information as follows and then press tiếp tục.


You enter your bank account information and press Add to add a payment method.

In SWIFT / BIC only, you can look up your bank code here.



So, I've completed the most basic steps so you can get started Make money with Shopee Affiliate. The rest of you is how to pull a lot of traffic to the web to attract users to buy goods through your link.

With Shopee has a large number of users and the demand for online purchases is increasing, the fact that you can make a few thousand dollars a month completely depends on your hard work and skill.

If you have a record of making money online with Shopee or making money with some platform, please leave a comment below the article shared with me and a little bit of experience.


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