Set Up Call Conversion Tracking With Google Tag Manager


In the previous article, I showed you how to set up conversion tracking to fill out the order form, contact. This tracking setting is important for you to optimize when running Google Ads and Facebook Ads conversion ads.

However, on your website will not only have an order form, contact but also a call button. In fact, many customers prefer to place an order by calling rather than filling out a form. So you also need to install track call conversions phone to maximize ad performance.

Prepare before setting

- Your web needs to set up the call button so that customers who use the phone click on it to be able to call. If the phone number is text only, it will not track correctly.

Check out our tutorial on how to make your phone call button vibrate for beautiful and trackable call buttons. Also, if your calling button is in the form of a link is tel:0987654321 then you can completely install tracking.

- Google Tag Manager (GTM) account is required and Google Tag Manager is installed for the web.

- Google Analytics account is required and Google Analytics is installed on the web.

Set up tracking to convert calls through GTM

Step 1: Create a tracking tracker that clicks on a phone number

Sign in to the Google Tag Manager account you have set up for the web.

- Choose Working space -> Trigger -> New to create more triggers.


- Name the trigger is Call phone

- Select trigger type is Click - Link only

- Activation conditions you choose: Some click on the link Then set as shown in the image below. Then click Save.


Step 2: Generate a tag that sends events that click on a phone number to Google Analytics

Come back Working space original. Then choose Card -> New to create a new card.


- Name the card as Order - Tel - Analytics

- Select the type of card is Google Analytics - Universal Analytics

- The tracking type chosen is Event.

- Section Event tracking parameters You fill in the boxes like this:

  • Category: Order - Tel
  • Action: Success

- In the Google Analytics Settings section you choose a variable {{Google Analytics}} created following the tutorial to install Google Analytics through GTM.

- Section Advanced settings, in section Card activation options you choose is Once per page to avoid spamming. You leave it so, even if someone tries to click multiple times, it will only count as 1 time.

- Part Activated, click and select the trigger Call phone that you just created in the step above.

After setup is complete you will see it like this:


After setting, remember to press Save again. Then, remember to click the button To send at the top right to apply all changes in your Google Tag Manager account.

Step 3: Set up goals on Google Analytics to receive call conversion events from GTM

After setup on Google Tag Manager, log in to your Google Analytics account and follow these steps:

- Access the menu Administration, choose the right account, property, view you need to set up. Then click menu Target as follows:


- Click on + New goal Then set the following:

- Section Goal Setting choose is Custom then press Continue.

- Section Describe the goal friend to name and choose the type is Event as shown below and press Continue.


- Section Goal details there will be 4 boxes, but just fill 2 boxes Category and Action same as just now declared in Google Tag Manager.

The remaining items you keep and then press Save is done.

7-class =

So you've set up tracking conversion calls on the web with Google Tag Manager successfully already.

You can check if you have done it correctly or follow the same instructions as in step 4 in this article.

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Thus, this article I helped you know how to install Track clicks on web calling buttons and that.

With this setup, we hope to help you optimize your Facebook Ads and Google Ads conversion ads. If you find it useful remember to like and share support Nguyen Hung blog.


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