[REVIEW] Is Orlavi Scargel good? Where do you buy it? How much?

    Is the Orlavi Scargel review good? Where do you buy it? How much is 2019

    You are inferior to acne, acne acne. You look to Orlrvi Scargel because you know this is something that can help fade the scars on your face.

    You want to buy Orlrvi Scargel but still freaking out because you don't know much about this product.

    Are you worried whether Orlavi is good? Is the component safe? Where is the origin?

    You do not know where to buy the product is genuine and the product price is how much.

    Or the pros and cons of this product?

    You were bewildered by the news that Orlavi Scargel was cheating ...

    In this article I will answer you all the above questions. Let's find out together!
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    Orlavi Scargel is the result of many years of research by the famous Natureplex group in the US.

    The product is used to fill the pitted scars on the face and remove dark spots for all areas. Orlavi Scargel also treats burn scars and other types of scars.

    Is extracted from natural ingredients and refined in the form of a gel that easily penetrates, does not cause greasy or uncomfortable for users.

    Products suitable for both men and women.

    Product quality is manufactured based on US FDA standards and is highly appreciated by experts for its effectiveness.

    Should see:


    Product ingredients are taken from clean medicinal sources, absolutely safe for users.

    The ingredients contain separate anti-scarring properties that contribute to the Orlavi Scargel's holy scar gel.

    1. Allatoin

    Allatoin is known as a very good ingredient for skin care and skin rejuvenation solutions.

    This is a component that stimulates the growth of cells, thereby reducing skin surface damage, soothing the skin.

    For scarring, allation helps to soften and smooth the scars by stimulating new cell production.

    1. Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate

    Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5. This ingredient works quickly to heal wounds, moisturize and protect the skin and helps to fight inflammation, prevent skin irritation.

    Sodium Hyaluronate regulates the skin's moisture absorption and reduces skin oxidation caused by UV rays.

    These two substances are an indispensable couple to help moisturize the skin, prevent scars from being rough and help regenerate the skin.

    1. Derived from onion

    Onions contain sulfur and flavonoid compounds that have a great effect on disinfecting, protecting and regenerating scarred skin.

    Regulating the production of collagen, elastin helps reduce keloid scars, treat concave scars.

    In addition, onion essence also helps reduce red scars, reduce dark scars.

    1. Hydrolyzed collagen

    Hydrolyzed collagen, also known as Hydrolyzed Collagen. This compound appears when hydrolyzed collagen usually.

    Hydrolyzed collagen has a higher and purer nutrient that is easily absorbed into the human body and nourishes the skin from deep within.

    It works by connecting broken tissues and regenerating the skin's elasticity, helping the damaged tissues in the scar skin to recover and heal.

    In addition, it also helps lighten the scar area, contributing to blurring the scar.


    • Eliminate acne scars, burn scars, cuts, surgeries or other skin wounds.

    • Soften the scar gradually and turn the scar, whether concave or convex, to become smooth and flat.

    • Exfoliating dead cells, excess keratin on scar tissue. Constantly regenerating new cells to replace scar skin with smooth skin.

    • You are assured because in the process of scar treatment, Orlavi Scargel helps balance skin moisture, without worrying about rough skin.

    • Improves skin elasticity, affecting the shape of the scar gradually until the scar disappears.

    • Minimize the risk of dermatitis, prevent scar recurrence.

    • Old or new scars do not matter to Olarvi Scargel.


    Orlavi Scargel is for those who:

    • Want to fight off inferiority complex just because of long-term scarring by replacing scar skin with smooth skin.

    • Pitted with long-term pitted scars, try many treatments that do not cure.

    • With keloid scars after surgery, dark scars cause loss of sympathy.

    • Scarred by accident, burn, or aftertaste of chickenpox.

    • Or stretch marks due to sudden weight gain, after pregnancy.


    To effectively treat the scars as desired, you should refer to the usage and dosage of Orlavi Scargel below:

    User manual

    • B1: Wash the scarred area with warm water

    • B2: Take a sufficient amount, making sure to cover the affected area evenly

    • B3: Dab and spread the amount of gel covering the scarred area, then massage until the gel is absorbed and dry.

    * Note: Can apply makeup right after the gel dries.

    Dosage used

    Apply 2 times / day and be careful not to apply to open wounds.

    + For scars less than 6 months old: Use from 1-2 months, effectiveness improved to 90%

    + For scars over 6 months and less than 1 year: Use continuously from 2-4 months, effectiveness improved to 70-80%

    + For scars from 1-3 years: Persistently use for 3-6 months, effective up to 50-70%

    + For old scars that have been 4 years old: Treatment for at least 6-12 months, effectiveness improved to 40-50%



    Here are some outstanding advantages of Orlavi Scargel that you should refer to:

    • Exceptional scar treatment, improving to 90% after only 6 weeks of use.

    • Scars safe, economical and easy to use.

    • No needle roll, no laser, no pain.

    • Essence from nature, no side effects.

    • Highly regarded by professionals for its excellent performance.

    • Produced on modern American lines and trusted by many people.

    • The product is manufactured based on the criteria of the United States FDA Department, so the quality is extremely guaranteed.

    • Affordable, affordable for many people.


    Everything has two sides of it. While Orlavi Scargel is very good, it also cannot avoid some of the following disadvantages:

    • Fast or slow effects depending on the skin of each person.

    • Products require regular use, after a while, get clear results.

    • Although Orlavi Scargel is extracted from natural ingredients. But if you are sensitive to any part of the product you should not use it.

    By reading this, I believe you have the answer to yourself that Orlavi Scargel is good and worth buying it, right ?!


    The question of Orlavi Scargel where to buy, how much price in 2019 are the questions I receive the most from the readers. I would like the answer as follows.

    In Vietnam, the product is currently being distributed genuine by the company LTD INTERSHOP at the website address: https://orlavi.lapa.pub

    With the listed price on the market: VND 290,000 / tube (equivalent to VND 580,000 / 2 tube)

    To avoid buying fake, poor quality goods, you should order the product at the website address above!


    Orlavi Scargell is the leading scar treatment used by many people to trust.

    Taking advantage of the reputation of the product. Profit seekers have massively produced fake Orlavi Scargel and launched them at different prices.

    When consumers buy poor quality products, the effect is not as advertised. There was a rumor that Orlavi Scargel was being scammed.

    In addition, many unfair competitors by spreading false rumors that Orlavi Scargel is fake. Not as effective as the ad says ... causing confusion to users.

    It is for these reasons that a rumor has emerged that Orlavi Scargel is deceptive, but that is not true.

    To verify that the certificate has the usage and experience of the user of the product will be the most fair answer.

    To avoid "losing money, disability", you should be alert to choose a reputable, genuine shopping address.

    Link to buy genuine Orlavi Scargel with the best price in the market:



    Don't let ugly scars ruin your life. Beat fear, instead confidence with smooth skin flawless scars "scars".

    Pitted scars, deep scars, keloid scars, concave scars? No need to fear them, everyone has Orlavi Scargel!

    Ingredients extracted from nature, produced on modern technology. Strict testing according to the US FDA proves Orlavi Scargel is a good product.

    The more confirming it is when the product receives a lot of compliments. Appreciation from experts, as well as the HOT level of the product is measured by millions of customers already in use.

    I hope this article has helped you a bit. Help you better understand Orlavi Scargel products.

    Thank you for reading.

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