Is Enzylim Weight Loss Really Good? How much?

Enzylim Weight Loss

Price: 890,000 VND / box

Trademark Dak Tin Pharmaceutical - Cosmetics Co., Ltd

9.5 / 10

Effective yield of the product

9.4 / 10

Safety for users

9.7 / 10


  • Ingredients entirely from natural herbs

  • Manufactured on modern technology

  • Help lose weight effectively for users

  • There are no side effects for users


  • Slow effect 2 to 3 treatments

  • The price is quite high

(REVIEW) Is Enzylim Good for Weight Loss? Where to buy, how much price?

Using Enzylim to lose weight is a new therapy being applied in the world and including Vietnam. Since mid-2019 Enzylim therapy has been applied by many women and gives very good feedback.

With the effect of reducing the need from Enzylim Channel VTV1. Vietnam Television has reported on this Enzylim product. You can refer to:
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What is Enzylim Weight Loss?

The enzyme for weight loss is a functional food prepared in the form of enzymes. It helps people lose weight effectively, safely and does not cause side effects.

With the breakthrough technology, enzyme will penetrate into the body's many fat places to convert them into other substances and eliminate them.

Enzymes are made from natural ingredients such as: substances Quercetin in Hoe flower, Spirulina, Vitamin PP, Chitosan So very safe for users.

Where is enzyme produced?

With technology transfer from the US, Dak Ti Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Company Limitedn, with address in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, has prepared and released Enzylim to lose weight.

In the north the product is distributed by Ilibeauty Cosmetics Joint Stock Company, Headquartered in Kien Hung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City.

So, anyone who wants to learn or buy this product can go to the above addresses to buy. Or visit the company's website provided above.

Enzylim Weight Loss ingredientsIngredients of Enzylim Weight Loss

Here I will talk more about the ingredients that make up this product.

Quercetin is a plant flavonoid with strong antioxidant activity, even at low concentrations. Quercetin is used as a raw material for functional foods and cosmetics. In the composition of Enzylim Quercetin, it is used to minimize catalysts that cause fat accumulation from high-fat and starchy foods.

Spirulina is a green, spiraling microalgae that grows naturally in oceans and salt lakes in subtropical climates. A valuable source of nutrition that nature bestows upon people. In the composition of Enzylim, this algae is especially used to provide nutrition to balance health during weight loss.

Vitamin PP is used to treat and prevent natural vitamin PP deficiency in the body, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides (types of fat) in the blood. Enhance metabolism to help promote the process of weight control more effectively.

Chitosan is a biological polymer found in the shells of animals like crabs and shrimp. They have the ability to heal wounds, bind fats, fatty acids. Eliminate and prevent the accumulation of fat in the intestinal wall, burn fat in the blood and internal organs very effectively.

With a combination of natural ingredients. Application of the preparation in the form of enzymes makes the effectiveness of the drug effective and safe.

Enzylim Weight Loss effects

  • Reduce body fat

  • Help to eliminate fat accumulation and stretch marks

  • Purifying and firming the skin

  • Provides antioxidant effect

  • Regulate blood sugar and blood circulation

Is Enzylim Weight Loss Good?

To answer this question. Please see the announcement of the manufacturing company, giving 1,000 young people the free experience of Enzylim products:

The survey results showed that the effect of Enzylim safe and effective weight loss after 2 to 8 weeks of use for groups of subjects weighing from 72 to 82kg under the 2000 Kcal regime / day.

With the comparison of Enzylim technology and placebo, we can assess the quality that the product gives us already.

In addition the product has also received a number of permits from the Ministry of Health. The Department of Food Safety is certified as meeting hygiene standards.

Is Enzylim Weight Loss good?

Some user reviews below. Help you feel more secure when using this product.

Share of chi Thanh Mai
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Actress Thu Trang shared:

I was bloated after giving birth. Watching on TV shows Enzylim products are good, effective weight loss. I bought 2 boxes to try. Drinking the first box has not seen results. But after using the 2nd fusion, the effect changed markedly. The part of the stomach is greatly reduced. I am buying 1 more process to get in shape.

Actor Tuan Tu also shared:

With work pressure I often have to stay up late. Then an erratic drink so after 1 year, I was overweight. As a host, cum actor. I cannot let my physique affect my career. Watching Ms. Hoai Anh introduce about Enzylim product, I bought 2 procedures to use. After 1 month of using the device, my weight has been significantly reduced.

How much does Enzylim Lose Weight?

Price is a problem that many women are always interested in when buying a product. People say: "What you pay for”. Expensive products will have better quality and efficiency. Enzylim is also such a product. The price of this product if you order in the market is often very high 1,780,000 VND / box.

But rest assured, when you order this product that Duy Dam blog provided below will be discounted 50% only 890,000 VND / box. Although the price is still high, this is an acceptable price for a reputable and quality product.

Where Is Enzylim Weight Loss Buyed?

Ilibeauty Cosmetics Joint Stock Company Being the official distributor for this product to market. To buy genuine Enzylim you can go to: ward Kien Hung, Ha Dong District, City. Hanoi to order. For remote customers, who like to buy online you can visit the link below to order.

When you sign up to buy directly at the company's website, you will get many benefits such as: consulting the company's staff about your condition. Be instructed on how to use it appropriately and with your location.


Above is the review article Is Enzylim Weight Loss Really Good? Where to buy, how much price? Hope to help evaluate the quality of the product before buying.

New technology always has a breakthrough, the network efficiency will be higher and safer. Selecting this therapy for your weight is the best and the best.

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