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Huawei has just launched the Nova 5Z, the seventh machine in the Nova 5 series. However, not as lucky as the previous devices, Huawei Nova 5Z due to launch too late will have to suffer significant losses, despite the hardware and very price.

So why do I say this machine is unlucky? Please join me to find out more in this article.

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#first. Hardware of Huawei Nova 5Z

Huawei Nova 5z can be said to be a mid-range smartphone, is the cheap version of Huawei Nova 5i Pro so in general there is not too much difference.

6.26-inch IPS LCD screen, the resolution is FullHD +, the ratio of 19.5: 9, is the perforated screen in the left corner.

It has 4 rear cameras including 1 main sensor 48MP, 1 super wide-angle camera 8MP, 1 depth sensor 2 MP and a 2 MP macro sensor. The front has a 32 MP selfie camera.

In addition, the device has 2 sim, uses USB Type-C charger, no 3.5mm headphone jack.

gia-huawei-nova-5z (1)

#2. About the design of Huawei Nova 5Z

The device design is still in line with Huawei Nova 5, there is not too much to say.

The front and the back of the device are still glass, the square rear camera cluster is centered like the Huawei Mate 20 Series, the fingerprint sensor is on the back and there is no gradient color effect.

There will be 3 color options for you to choose, which are: Black, Blue and Green.

gia-huawei-nova-5z (2)

# 3. Configuration of the Huawei Nova 5Z

It is equipped with HiSilicon Kirin 810 processor chip, support GPU Turbo for gaming. Machine will have 2 options Ram is 6 and 8GB, and 2 options Rom 64 and 128GB.

4000 mAh battery capacity, support 20W fast charging technology.

# 4. Software / OS of the machine

Huawei Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro
Review Huawei Nova 5Z

The device uses Android 9.0 operating system customized on EMUI 9.1 interface. The device will not come with Google Service preinstalled.

# 5. Personal rating

Add one more device of Huawei Nova 5 Series, and another one without Huawei's Google.

gia-huawei-nova-5z (1)

How important is the Google suite of services on devices running the Android operating system, I have said it many times already, and of course Huawei knows this.

Therefore, this device will continue to be sold only in the Chinese domestic market as the P30 Series, but it seems to be completely not available to the outside market, which is less fortunate than its Huawei P30. .

Other devices in the Nova 5 Series were manufactured and launched before Google's decision to discontinue cooperation with Huawei was made, but the Huawei Nova 5Z did not, so it would not have Google Service.

It's quite confusing when Huawei tries to make so many machines in such a line, even in its difficult times.

Quite impressive when the price starts from only $ 226, users can have a 4-camera machine, nice design, and up to 8GB of Ram.

However, because there is no Google Service, this will be a critical weakness for all Huawei devices from now on, no matter how good the hardware.

Do you think Huawei Nova 5Z is unlucky? Leave your comments below this article!

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