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In Auto Chess Mobile, when talking about the tribe with high magic resistance and ability to control most certainly no name can see that the Marine clan.

The warriors from the sea (Marine means the sea), although they do not have a flashy, brilliant appearance, but possess a great power. Today I will work with you to learn more about the Marine clan.

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#first. Introducing the Marine race

Since Auto Chess Mobile was released, the number of Marine members has always been at 4 Hero: Abyssal Guard, Abyssal Crawler, Siren and Tsunami Stalker.

marine-game-auto-chess-mobile-1-marine-game-auto-chess-mobile (1)

With the passive increase in armor for himself and his allies, the Marine clan is the first choice to counter magic damage squads. The more Marine Heroes on the field the higher the magic resistance will be.

  • 2 Marine: Increases magic resistance for all allied heroes by 30%.
  • 4 Marine: Base magic cost increased for all allied heroes by 70%.

(No intrinsic accumulation between landmarks)

#2. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the Marine race

2.1. Advantages of the Marine race

  • Very well countered the formation of many internal damage measurements, greatly increasing the magic resistance.
  • Easily activate the clan's passive with only 2 Heroes of the Marine clan.
  • With the ability to control a large area should be very good support for every squad.
  • Because only 4 Marine makes it easy for players to combine with multiple squads.

2.2. Disadvantages of the Marine race

  • Having an extremely long cooldown time, this limits the ability of the clan.
  • The heroes of the Marine clan have almost no damage, only the main role is to assist in combat.
  • Quite dependent on 2 Heroes is Siren and Tsunami StalkerHowever, these 2 Heroes are not easy to earn due to the low drop rate.

General: This is a race that has very good support for many squads with magic resistance and strong control. However, because there is no big damage, it is quite passive and dependent.

# 3. Details about the Heroes of the Marine clan

3.1. Abyssal Guard ($ 2)

tim-hieu-hieu-toc-marine-game-auto-chess-mobile (2)

  • Life force: 650/1300/2600
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 85/170/340
  • Attack speed and range: 1,2s / 1 cell

Assuming the role of tanker in the squad. With the opponent's ability to reduce 15/30/45 in 20s, almost no hero can have armor after hitting the skill. With his skills, the Abyssal guard can counter very well any opponents' armor-based heroes.

However, due to the long cooldown of the skill as well as the skill for the single target, there is no significant effect on the outcome of the match.

3.2. Abyssal Crawler ($ 2)

tim-hieu-ve-toc-marine-game-auto-chess-mobile (3)

  • Life force: 500/1000/2000
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 55/110/220
  • Attack speed and range: 1s / 1 cell

This is the only assassin in the Marine clan so Abyssal Crawler has a very important role in catching the opponent's mainstay.

Shaped very similar to sea snail, Abyssal crawler also possesses the ability to "retract the neck" like snails. When activated, the ability will be stealthed and restore 3/6/9% of current health maintained in 4s.

When invading Abyssal Crawler cannot be targeted, the hero is almost invincible. However, due to its low vitality and dependence on skills, it is easy to die when controlled.

3.3. Siren ($ 4)

tim-hieu-hieu-toc-marine-game-auto-chess-mobile (4)

  • Life force: 750/1500/3000
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 60/120/240
  • Attack speed and range: 1,2s / 4 cells
  • Magic Resist: 10%

Siren is considered to be the "Medusa" in Auto Chess when possessing looks and abilities that are no different from the original.

Owning a Glare look will cause all enemies within 4/6/8 cells to have a 20% reduction in attack speed for 3/4 / 5s and will turn to stone if facing Siren when the ability is in progress activate in 2 / 2.5 / 3s.

Having a long range and range of skills allows Siren to stand behind the squad to "see" the opponent. Strong control skills and a large amount of energy help Siren support the squad to the fullest. However, with the long cooldown (20s), most Siren only use the ability once in a round.

3.4. Tsunami stalker ($ 5)

tim-hieu-hieu-toc-marine-game-auto-chess-mobile (5)

  • Life force: 950/1900/3800
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 50/100/200
  • Attack speed and range: 2s / 1 box

As a "wave controller", Tsunami stalker has a strong ability to control. With the widest range of skills in the game (6 cells), Tsunami stalker's wave will knock out all enemy heroes within a stun of 1.5 seconds and 100/200/300 magic damage.

Possessing the same vitality and control of the most game, this is the strongest support hero for all squads. However, due to the long recovery skill and slow attack speed, the ability to use the skill is limited, especially this is a $ 5 hero that requires "great dignity".

# 4. Epilogue

Above is his article about Marine race in the game Auto Chess Mobile. Hope the article will be helpful to you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!

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