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Welcome back to the Series Tactical corner of Blogchiasekienthuc.com. In order to continue to guide the junglers effectively and carry the team, today I will share with you the jungle skills part 2.

If you do not have much experience, lack of skills, please refer to this article immediately. Guarantee it will be very helpful to you there. Okay, go to the main content, guys!

Oh forget, this is the article of part 1, if you have not read it, please read it first: Skills to know when jungling in the Union Moblie: Part 1

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I. Start the forest with the Ta Than talisman and gank at Dragon Road

In a match, the early stage of the game is extremely important, it decides the outcome of the whole game. So in the first phase, as a jungler, what will you do to your advantage?

And the more practical question is which route will you take and how to gank appropriately? Simple answer that is devoured the Evil God talisman.

Because in the Meta game, the dragon early game largely decides whether your team is on the road, or the opponent's lane.

So, please take the Ta Than Road talisman and clear the forest monsters. Then progressed to the Dragon Road amulet and support teammates there to eat Dragon together.

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That is the direction to go to eat jungle and go to gank to support teammates at the beginning of the game. After that, let's eat Dragon to replenish the gold and experience for your teammates!

Remember that in the beginning of the game not to gank the Ta Than road because at this time, the outermost tower of the Ta Than road is being increased by 30% of the armor so when you have a successful ganking, you cannot take the tower and also get a little advantage.

If you do not gank the dragon line then AD and SP My team will be crushed and easy to lose dragon. Further work to AD They were so pale it was hard to win the match.

II. Great support for the Dragon Road and forced the gunner to choke

You also know that the gunner is playing an extremely important role in the team. So when a gunner does not have enough necessary items, your Team is very difficult to fight and the amount of damage is also greatly reduced.

What if the gunner is green? You already know what will happen! Then the gunner can shoot the world if there is reasonable protection. So dragon line is the road that you need to pay attention to to support.

This makes the gunner his team easier pale and have a dominant position. Not only that, the gank more will make your team gunner psychologically and do not dare to go up and farm soldiers also become difficult.

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III. Pay attention to the big goals

A good jungler must control big goals and take advantage of his teammates.

Specific goals such as Devil Bats, Dark Dragons, Tyrant Dragons, Evil Gods. These are extremely important goals and have a huge impact on the outcome of the match.

#first. Eat the Evil God if possible when your team has a chance

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To decide the match then Evil god is an important card. The eating Evil god Will help your team enhance the ability to push the road as well as more damage and healing.

Special will have Dragon pioneer able to press and destroy the pole. Not only that when you are squeezing the sugar but also have more Evil god more like a tiger and will reduce the chance of turning the chessboard upside down.

#2. Eat Dark Dragon often

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The regular eat Rồng hắc ám not only helps increase the amount of gold for themselves, but also increases both gold and experience for teammates. In addition, there is a limit to increasing the strength of the enemy.

The first dragon can decide so much in the game. Having a Dragon Head will help your team up Level 4 earlier, and had more superior input. From there can Snowball match easily and have more advantages.

# 3. Pay attention to the Tyrant Dragon when he's on the way

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Opposite to Evil god then Violent Dragon can help the situation to hold on more when being pressed. Ownership Violent Dragon will help each member of your team get more different indicators.

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Not only that, but there is more Dark power Help us avoid a fatal blow from the opponent.

Also, when owned Violent Dragon will help your team to easily eliminate the rushing troops. At the same time has the advantage of strength when fighting. So Violent Dragon It is very important so pay attention to it!

IV. Epilogue

So is in the post about Tactical corner Today, I have shared with you what you need to know when you go to the forest.

If you want to have more good experiences, you should visit Blog regularly! Thank you, cordial and goodbye. See you in the next posts.

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