Is Maxx Gain weight gain pill good? Where do you buy it?

Maxx Gain weight gain pills

Price: 890,000 VND / box

Brand Maxx Gain reviews

9.5 / 10

Effective yield of the product

9.0 / 10

Safety for users

9.8 / 10


  • Ingredients entirely from natural herbs

  • Manufactured on modern technology

  • Effective weight gain

  • Safety for the user


  • Slow effect

  • The price is quite high

Is Maxx Gain weight gain pill good? Where to buy, how much?

Hello, readers of Duy Dam Blog. This is me again. Browse some forums that many of you are learning about Maxx Gain weight gainer. And there are many questions about this product like: VIs Maxx Gain weight gain good? Does Mass Gain help you gain weight effectively? Where to buy Maxx Gain, how much is it?

Seeing the need to write a review about Maxx Gain. I have found out about this product. I happened to read Nguyen Thi Phuong's article in Thanh Hoa and shared my story about how to help Hung's son Hung gain 12 pounds after 2 months of using Maxx Gain.

Seeing the story quite honestly, I spent half a day looking to Ms. Phuong's house to find out about this story. One part is to help you evaluate the effectiveness of the drug, and another part to write a more realistic review.

Share by Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong

When I arrived, I only met Ms Phương at home and her younger brother Hùng was still going to the 3rd year university. Seeing me ask about her story shared in the newspaper Medicine And Life. She smiled and invited me to sit down. She said: About 30 minutes later, I will come back. I will see how it will change.

Then she took out a photo album of her son from the closet. She turned the pages and said: Everything she has shared on that article already. That is the truth, dear. I look at this picture. It was 18 years old. At this age it should be a handsome, healthy young man. But I see that Hung is not 1m75 tall but weighs only 56 kg.

She is very worried about Hung's weight. With such weight, how to get a stable job later, have an ideal lover. She and her husband have found ways to help their children gain weight, such as using milk to gain weight, using many folk remedies but they are not effective.

You see, in the article she also mentioned that because of listening to your friend's words, she almost harmed her. Spent more than 20 million up to Ha Giang to buy traditional medicine of a ethnic teacher for children to drink. At first, I saw Hung eating well, sleeping well but still not gaining weight. She continued to buy several more ladders for him to drink.

But do not see weight gain where it has the phenomenon of water retention, lumpy face fat, acne more. She stopped it immediately. After the time he stopped taking medicine, Hung had many negative signs. Eating is poor, sleep is not deep.

Hero gains 12 kg when using Maxx Gain

She drank a glass of water and got a box of 1 box from Maxx Gain and continued the story: Fortunately, she met the Maxx Gain product from a nutritionist in the United States. At first she did not believe it. But the experts told me to bring it to try for me. Reading the ingredients were all natural herbs so she was relieved. She bought 2 more boxes and let Hung use them within 2 months.

I look at this picture. This picture was taken just a week ago. Do you see it differently? Hung gained 12 kg after 2 months of using Maxx Gain.

I saw two photos with two differences in physique, and I believe this is a good product. Sitting and talking to her for a while, Hung also just came home from school. I saw Hung as a tall, strong and ideal man.

Seeing that, I asked Hung some more questions:

Have you been acting strange since using this product?

Hung answers: No, bro. I see the healthy people, eat well. I was worried about my food, so I could eat and gain weight.

Is your brother currently using this product?

Hung answers: I have stopped using it now. After stopping using, I still see a very normal person, eating well and no signs of weight loss.

How do you rate Maxx Gain products?

Hung answers: In my opinion, Maxx Gain is a good product, all ingredients from natural herbs so very benign. I used there for 2 months but gained 12 pounds. Increased like this I am very happy. But like before, it looked like a dry stick.

Let's talk a little more, and let's say goodbye to Phuong and Hung.

Through the story above. It is the headset that sees the results that Maxx Gain products for consumers. I think this is a good product that people who are underweight should use.

What is Maxx Gainer weight gainer?


Maxx Gain Is a functional food that helps thin people to gain weight. Made from natural herbs such as: Velvet, Algae Sprulina, Vitamin B1, Leucine, Whey Protein... so it is very safe for users and does not leave side effects.

Products are Nanofrance High-tech DP Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. Address: Dong Van IV Technology Park, Dai Cuong commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province manufacturing.

OK Fedora Joint Stock Company, address: 58, To Huu, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Tp. Hanoi Distributed to the market.

Composition of Maxx Gainer

  • Nhung Huu

    Nhung Huu

Since ancient times, deer antler is an important medicine in many valuable remedies of his father. Contains 25 kinds of amino acids and 26 important minerals, deer velvet helps users prevent many diseases, reduce stress, fatigue, improve health, eat well and sleep well, thus gaining weight steadily.

  • Leucine, Whey Protein


These two types of amino acids play an important role in the diet of athletes. In particular, Leucine needs more in the liver, adipose tissue and muscle tissue to synthesize sterols, the constituents of hormones, help maintain growth hormone levels to promote the development of muscle tissue; Isoleucine plays a vital role in the recovery process after exercise.

  • Sprulina algae


Containing about 100 essential nutrients such as protein (70%), vitamins A, B group, E, K ..., minerals and high antioxidants, spirulina is an important ingredient in the weight gain process. for thin people.

Above are the ingredients that make up the pill to gain weight Maxx Gain. They are all natural herbs that are benign and have no side effects on human health.

Use of Maxx Gain

  • Stimulating the body's need for nutrients. At the same time create more appetite in every meal.

  • Maximize the absorption of nutrients into the body.

  • Strengthen resistance, support immune system, improve fitness.

  • Help the body firmer, remove excess fat but still gain weight effectively.

  • Strengthen body health, prevent the risk of malnutrition and physical weakness.

  • Products suitable for both men and women, children can also use.

Where to buy Maxx Gain weight gain pills, how much does it cost?

Maxx Gain products by company Fedora shares, address: 58, To Huu, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Tp. Hanoi Distributed to the market. If you want to buy this product, you can go to the address of the company to buy directly.

If you are far away, want to buy quality products, no fake goods can be ordered directly at the company's official website at the link:

The market prices quoted by the company are: 1,190,000 VND / box. But do not worry about that. When you order products directly by the website link Duy Dam blog provided below will be VND 300,000 off. Price only available 890,000 VND / box. This is quite a competitive price that you can afford.



Above is the review article Is Maxx Gain weight gain pill good? Where to buy, how much? Through the professional contest between Ms. Phuong and Hung, we can assess the quality of the product.

People who want to really gain weight should use 1 to 2 procedures to use this product. Only you can evaluate the quality of the product by using it directly.

Nothing is impossible, if you are determined to do something, everything will always succeed.

Wish you gain weight from the use of this Maxx Gain weight gainer.

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