Instructions to Create FAQ Schema For Wordpress Web Display On Google


Recently, Google started showing search results with FAQ Schema, also known as frequently asked questions. If you have searched and met the results for this FAQ type, you will find that website very prominent on the Google search page, right? The image below is a specific example.

FAQ Schema displayed on the search results

So you already know What is FAQ Schema? How does the FAQ Schema, or FAQPage, work? And When should I use FAQ Schema??

This article I will analyze to show you things related to FAQ Schema and instructions How to create a FAQ Schema for a website to be able to display prominent SEO results on Google search.

Learn about the Schema FAQ

What is FAQ Schema?

The FAQ Schema, also known as the FAQPage, is a form of data structure used to properly mark frequently asked questions pages so that it can show up on search results pages and in the Google Assisstant assistant. You can see more information about the FAQ Schema here.

What is the purpose of FAQ Schema?

The main purpose of creating FAQ Schema is to help users have quick access to frequently asked questions that help reduce the load for the customer service department. So FAQ Schema is usually the default questions and answers.

How does FAQ Schema work?

FAQ Schema shows up on Google search results in Accordion format (collapsed content). However, on your website is still displayed sufficient information for users.

So when should I use the Schema FAQ?

Google recommends using the FAQPage only if your site has a list of questions with answers. If your page has a unique question and users can submit alternative answers, use that QAPage.
As such, you should simply create a Schema FAQ for a website that contains your own questions and answers. Other people do not have the right to add answers there.

Instructions for creating FAQ Schema for WordPress website

Here I will guide how to create FAQ Schema in the orthodox way. Why do you say it is orthodox?

I say that is because, if you search on Google with the keyword "create FAQ Schema" you will see some instructions for creating a Schema FAQ by inserting the code in the structure of the FAQ Schema into the header of the web but not displayed in the content for users.

That seriously violates Google's policies. Because in Google's content guidelines clearly state "All FAQ content (Frequently Asked Questions) must be visible to users on the source page."

So, you know how you should create FAQ Schema? So let's get started.

Note: Your WordPress website needs to be updated to version 5.0 or higher to use the Gutenberg editor.

Step 1: Install Yoast SEO for the web

Here, we created according to the standard method of SEO Yoast so you must install the Yoast SEO plugin for the web.

Step 2: Create new posts with content as usual

You create a new article with the necessary content in the Gutenberg editor (hint: how to create a new article with Gutenberg).

Step 3: Add FAQ to the article

This is the step to create a list of questions and answers that follow the Schema FAQ.

You click the button + to create a new block, then find the block FAQ in section Yoast data block structure as in the following picture.

Create a new FAQ block in the article
Enter questions and answers into the FAQ Schema structure

Just simple as that. After editing, publish the article and follow the instructions below to check if the FAQ Schema structure is correct.

How to check the Schema FAQ structure

There are many ways to check the FAQ schema structure. Below I will guide you how to check and watch with the most intuitive interface.

Step 1: Visit the Google Search Console testing tool at this link:

Step 2: Enter the link of the article you just published and select the testing tool and then press Check the URL.


Step 3: Waiting for the system to analyze and produce the following result means you have successfully created the FAQ Schema for the article.


Alternatively, you can click on Preview search results to see the FAQ Schema interface displayed in Google search results.

FAQ Schema results show up on Google


As such, this article has instructed you in great detail about How to install the FAQ Schema for the web WordPress. Hopefully, this little trick will help your website stand out in Google search results and increase more clicks on the web.

However, you should not overdo it, only use it when necessary to avoid being hated by Google.

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