Instructions Insert Insert Like, Share Facebook Into Wordpress


    Instructions for inserting the like button, share Facebook into WordPress website to increase user interaction with the web on Facebook social networks.

    You find this article means you are looking for Insert like button, share Facebook to web Is your right? Then you've found the right article. Please read and follow the instructions below.

    Job Insert Facebook like button into web Not only does it help readers easily interact with the web with Facebook, it also helps the web to get more traffic from Facebook. Moreover, when your web has good signals from social networks, it also means that Google will appreciate your web. This is very beneficial for SEO if you are looking to optimize SEO for the web.

    However, the benefit is beneficial, but it still has the drawback that Facebook's services will affect the page load speed. This I also mentioned in the article to guide loading speed for WordPress.

    You should consider whether or not to use the like button, share Facebook to the web. If you decide to use it, then follow the steps below.

    Instructions to insert like button, share Facebook on web

    To insert the like button, share Facebook on the web with 2 ways: using code or using the plugin. Here I will guide both and you choose which way you want.

    Before you begin, you should create the Facebook App corresponding to the web you want to insert a like button. In spite of No need App can still insert like button is normal but if you have the App, you can track the trigger events in the application.

    Here, I recommend you create a Facebook App for the web because if you use the Facebook button, share Facebook, you will have to enter the App ID and Admin ID.

    OK, got it Now start to do step by step.

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    Insert Facebook like button with code

    Step 1: Insert the code below after the tag as shown below.

    Note: Remember to replace your Facebook App ID with the sequence 123456789 dentist.


    Step 2: Insert the code below into the position you want to display the Facebook like button on the web.

    Suppose I inserted the like button, share Facebook at the beginning of the article. I will open the file displaying the article content (such as the file single.php).

    Then I will insert the code into the tag div whose class is entry-content as follows:


    And this is the result.


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    Insert Facebook like button in WordPress with plugin

    If you do not understand anything about the code, you can insert the like button, share Facebook into WordPress website with the plugin according to the instructions below.

    Step 1: Install and activate the plugin WP Like Button in your web.

    Step 2: Access the WP like button menu to set up the plugin. You will see the following interface.



    • Where to display: Choose where to display the like button, share Facebook.
      • Homepage: Display on home page
      • All pages: Show on all pages
      • All posts: Show on all posts
      • All archive pages: Show on archive pages
      • Exclude specific pages and posts: Do not display on arbitrary pages / posts. You choose the page / article you do not want to display the like button in the section Exclude Page / Post.
    • Enable like button for mobile (Responsive layouts): Display Facebook like button on mobile. Choose Yes or No.
    • App ID: Enter the Facebook App ID you created following the instructions for creating a Facebook App.
    • Admin ID: Enter your personal Facebook ID or username. For example, my personal page link is then the username will be nguyenhung.ks9x.
    • Kid Directed Site?: Is your website for children?
    • Default Image: Choose the default image to display when sharing on Facebook if the article does not have avatars.
    • Shortcode: The plugin supports shortcode so you can insert it anywhere.
    • Code Snippet: You can use the PHP script to insert the like button anywhere in the theme.
    • Before or After: Display the Facebook like button at the top or bottom of page / post content.
    • What to like?: What do you want to show a like button to like?
      • Each page / post will have its own like button: Like button for each page / article separately.
      • Entire Site: Facebook like button for domain name.
      • Enter the link URL box that you want readers to like, share on Facebook.
    • Language: Select the language to display the like button.
    • Width: Choose the width of like, share buttons. Should leave around 250 is reasonable.
    • Position: Align the like, share button (left, center, right).
    • Layout: Select the layout showing the like, share button.
    • Action Type: Select the type of action (like or recommend).
    • Color: Choose a light or dark theme.
    • Button Size: Choose a size for the like button.
    • Include Share Button: Enable includes share button with like button.

    After setup is complete, press Save Settings to save the settings. Additionally, you can turn the switch on and off On / Off in the lower corner to turn off the like button, share Facebook temporarily.

    Finally, remember to check the website to see if displaying the Facebok like button on the web is OK.

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    So we have Insert Facebook like button into WordPress website it's done. If you know about the code, you can insert the like button with the code or not, just install the plugin and set up a bit and you're done.

    What method are you using to add a Facebook like button to the web? In your opinion, which is the best way? Leave your comments below the comments box.

    Also, if anyone asks you how to Insert like button, share Facebook to web Anyway, you just take the link of this article and throw them in to tell them to read it by themselves.


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