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When inserting images into Word, sometimes the orientation of the image is not as your requirement. So how to rotate images to suit their requirements here?

In fact, pictures inserted into Word documents can be edited in many different styles very easily, to create the most complete output.

And in today's article I will guide you with 3 ways to rotate images in Word most commonly used today. Please apply it in your working process to work more smoothly.

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#first. Rotate directly on image

This method is used to rotate the image to the right, to the left, or rotate the image a little bit very easily.


+ Step 1: After inserting the image into the Word file, click on the image => immediately will see the small circular arrow above the image.

word-in-word-in-word (1)

+ Step 2: You proceed to press and hold the mouse on the sign mũi tên Xoay tròn, and you move the mouse left or right is the image will rotate in the corresponding direction.

word-in-word-in-word (2)

However, if you rotate this way, the image will be very easy to be off-center, or you want to rotate the image by an angle how many degrees, this rotation will be limited and not very accurate.

#2. Rotate vertically, horizontally, flip photo

This is a more commonly used image rotation method than the direct image rotation, because it can rotate more accurately, users can reverse the top, bottom, left and right images, helping the image to be beautiful. Eye, more diverse and more accurate.


+ Step 1: Double-click on the image you want to rotate => Immediately Word will move to Tab Format. Here you choose to enter Rotate (icon button has 2 triangles)

word-in-word-in-word (3)

+ Step 2: When you click on it Rotate, at this time you will see 5 different choices appear for you to choose.


  • Rotate Right 90: Rotate the image from left to right 90 degrees.
  • Rotate Left 90: Rotate the image from right to left 90 degrees.
  • Flip Vertical: Flip image vertically.
  • Flip Horizontal: Turn the image upside down horizontally, meaning the image on the right will turn left.
  • More Rotation Options...: Add a photo rotation option.

word-in-word-in-word (4)

+ Step 3: If you choose to rotate the image 1 angle 900 to the right, the image will look like this.

word-in-word-in-word (5)

# 3. Rotate images in Word according to preset degrees

Want the image to rotate at a certain angle like 70o, 80o or 90 rotationo then this method is most accurate.


+ Step 1: Click on the image => then right-click the image to rotate => and select the item Size and Position…

word-in-word-in-word (6)

+ Step 2: In the dialog box Layout => You drag the mouse to the section Rotate => Enter the angle you want to rotate at item Rotation => then select OK to save.

word-in-word-in-word (7)

Result: The image has been rotated exactly 90 °0

word-in-word-in-word (8)

# 4. Create borders for images

After you rotate the image, if so the image will look quite rough, not very aesthetic. Therefore you should use the function Picture Styles, this feature will help your photos look better.


Select the image to format borders => and then Tab Format => Choose your preferred Style in the section Picture Styles.

word-in-word-in-word (9)

Result: The border image looks better isn't it 😛

word-in-word-in-word (10)

# 5. Conclude

So I have to guide you 3 How to rotate images in Word Most often used offline.

Depending on the purpose of use, you choose which way to rotate the picture effectively. Hopefully, with the knowledge I have shared today, it will help your work. Good luck !

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