Install the web server for WordPress for free

Installing a web server (webserver) may not be very friendly for new people or do not have much knowledge of technology. The use of private server types (VPS or Dedicated Server) is an indispensable requirement of websites that have had medium to high visits, when the Shared Host packages are no longer able to meet.

If you are wondering and have difficulty installing a webserver to run the WordPress website, the free WordPress webserver setup service of ThachPham.Com will help you, help you run the WordPress website on a private server easier. .

What is this service like?

In this service, I will install for you a Webserver fully compatible with usability on your WordPress website. Then will proceed to install a new WordPress website or transfer data of the existing website. Finally, I will send you the necessary important information and notes so you can manage your website yourself.

What types of webservers are supported to install?

In this service, I will be able to install you one of the following types of webservers to run WordPress:

  • LAMP Webserver - Linux + Apache + MySQL (or MariaDB) + PHP 5.
  • LEMP Webserver - Linux + NGINX (EngineX) + MySQL (or MariaDB) + PHP-FPM 5.
  • NGINX or Apache and HHVM.
  • NGINX is the Reserved Proxy for Apache.

Or if you require me to install control panels or administrative scripts, I will be ready to install them for you. During each installation, I can install a new website for you on the server or transfer website data to the server for free . Also, I can install some software you need.

Note : This service only applies to servers using the Linux operating system (CentOS or Ubuntu).

How to use the service?

Because this is a free service, I have a requirement that you have to buy VPS / Dedicated Server through the link in this list . If you already have a server, you will get $ 50 for this service.

This service does not apply to customers who buy VPS at DigitalOcean through their link.

Contact us for advice & installation

If you feel that this service is right for you, you can contact me via the form below for further advice about the service, support to answer questions about the service and install immediately for you.