How to check Ubuntu version

This article will guide you how to check how much Ubuntu version is running.

In a work environment, you will need to have many tools at hand. Especially when it comes to Linux operating systems without the interface to manage. Knowing what version of Ubuntu is will help you know which package and application to install.

There are 2 ways to check your Ubuntu version, via the terminal or using the interface.

Explain the Ubuntu Version

Ubuntu releases new versions every 6 months. It seems like a lot, right, but thanks to that they can control this operating system. Ubuntu version usually released in April or October

Every 2 years, there will be a LTS (major update) supported at least 5 years. The current LTS version is 18.04 released in April 2018. You may have realized, the Ubuntu version number will be taken from its year and month of release. This means that the next LTS version will be 20.04 if Ubuntu continues to apply this naming.

On the other hand, all non-LTS versions are supported for a shorter time, the purpose of which is to limit feature testing and fixing bugs.

Check Ubuntu Version through system details

As mentioned above, you can check Ubuntu version if the machine has a user interface installed.

Just open up the menu, and find sytem setting. Open it up.

Look to the right and find Details and click on it.

This will open the basic info window. In it, you can see the running Ubuntu version is Ubuntu 18.04.

But what if there is no user interface or you are on an Ubuntu server?

Check Ubuntu Version via Terminal

First you need to access SSH to the server first. This article will show you how to do so with PuTTY.

Once you have access to the server, you will have many ways to check ubuntu version. There is a way to display the version directly, a way to display more system information.

The fastest way to find out which version of Ubuntu is using the following command:

lsb_release -a

That's it, you can check Ubuntu version already. The result will look like this:

You can also check hardware information with the following command:

sudo lshw

If the above command does not work, you may need to install the hardware tool with the following command first:

sudo apt-get install lshw


You need to know how to check Ubuntu version, because this information is quite important for some applications. The way to check is also very simple, you can check the Ubuntu version by interface or command line. Both are not difficult.