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To say that God - Mage is a team that many players like and use thanks to its comprehensive defensive power.

The God-Mage roster was used by a lot of people even in the trial version of the game, until the game officially launched, this squad was always confirmed its effectiveness.

Yes, and today we will learn about the strength of the God-Mage squad in Auto Chess Mobile game.

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#first. About the squad

To use this squad to climb the Rank, the one thing you can't do without is God of War (god of war), this is one of the two generals of the Divinity race - a race of divine power.

This is the first step and also the deciding factor whether you can play God-Mage or not.

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After obtaining God of War, next you have to bring it yourself Mage squad include:

Hidden Source, Flamming Wizard, Shining Dragon, Winter Chiropteran, Thunder Spirit, Tortola Elder, Orge Mage, Blight Sorcerer and finally God of Thunder.

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#2. Passive of God - Mage squad

Passive of the Divinity: With only one Hero of this type on the field, you will receive a 50% reduction in skill regen for all Hero heroes on your side.

When full 2 ​​Hero of this clan you will have 75% reduction cooldown. However, this system is quite difficult to use due to the conflict with many races / systems.

Intrinsic Mage: Reduces magic armor of all rival Heroes by 35% / 45% with 3 Heroes and 6 Heroes of this system on the field. This passive will optimize the amount of damage this system deals to the opponent.

# 3. Basic assessment of God - Mage squad

God - Mage squad has many combinations depending on the number you see fit. In this article I will analyze the lineup God and 9 Mage.

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Advantages of the God - Mage squad

  • Has the ability to greatly reduce the cooldown from the Divinity.
  • Huge magic damage from abilities and passive armor reduction.
  • Shock extremely strong damage, can cause opponents to color quickly.
  • Strong are in the whole game segment.

Defect of God - Mage squad

  • Passion of the Divinity clan requires careful coordination between races and the system or it will lose its effectiveness.
  • The amount of resistance based solely on God of War makes the squad quite thin.
  • Countered by teams with high magic resist or strong control.
  • Heroes of the Mage system are quite expensive to buy and the drop rate is also low.

### Evaluate: Overall this is a pretty difficult team to use, but very effective. New players should consider when using this lineup, should only bring 3 or 6 Mage when you are not proficient in the gameplay.

# 4. Lineup details God - Mage

God of War ($ 1): This is a pure hero who can resist without hand damage.

In return is the great ability to withstand through tactics. When attacked from the front will reduce damage by 30% and from the side 15%. In addition, the skill will reflect damage after a period of resistance.

God of Thunder ($ 5): The remaining Hero of the Divinity race with great power. With the ability that no Hero can avoid God of Thunder will cause the opponent team to take a huge source of damage.

auto-chess-rank-god-mage-in-auto-chess (2)

The Source ($ 2): Although not possessing large damage, but the ability to regenerate Mana for allies is a very important position in the team that uses continuous skills like God-Mage.

auto-chess-human-in-auto-chess-mobile (2)

Shining Dragon (2 $): Magic damage from normal attacks and skills are strong. The ability to penetrate will make the main force behind the opponent respect.

auto-check-dragon-in-auto-chess-mobile (3)

Thunder Spirit ($ 3): Fast hitting speed, skill is wide area damage. This hero is responsible for causing damage in the early stages of the team.

Flamming Wizard ($ 3): Having a very long range can shock single target with strong damage. The role of the Flamming Wizard is to destroy the main force of the opponent.

auto-chess-human-in-auto-chess-mobile (5)

Tortola Elder ($ 4): Considered the "old master" in auto chess with the ability to "scan" the opponent team with his skills.

auto-chess-human-in-auto-chess-mobile (8)

Winter Chiropteran ($ 1): With the ability to protect the main force very well from his skills. This is the hero that will protect your main force before assassins or gunner opponents.

auto-check-dragon-in-auto-chess-mobile (2)

Orge Mage ($ 1): Considered the 2nd Tanker of the squad, with very good support skills when accelerating attack for a nearby ally.

Blight Sorcerer ($ 5): With unique skills in the game with the ability to control the "ball" of magic. For teams that stand close to each other, this will be fatal damage.

# 5. Epilogue

Hope this article will be helpful to you. I wish you will Effective Rank climb with God - Mage squad okay, and if you have any comments or suggestions, comment below.

I wish you happy gaming 😛

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