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I often believe that each of us exists in this world, there must be a reason. We are born with different missions and missions but aim for the same purpose, which is to make this life better.

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So have you discovered your own missions yet? If not, then do not worry, because many people have spent 10 years, 20 years, even a lifetime to search for the missions that life has entrusted.

In fact they are always present, in your very being. Remember, your childhood desires, your strong ambitions during your fervent years of youth ... That's what you've longed to look for - that's PASSION.

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#first. Do you really understand passion?

Many people bury their youth in clichés, and insist they are the truth of life.

That is wrong! Because passion is not so trivial, passion is dreams, great aspirations that when you think of them, your heart is filled with happiness and determination to conquer.

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They are not a temporary hobby, they are the things you deserve to spend your whole life to pursue, so be careful when seeking your own passion. Remember that passion raises you to pain, not to sink you to the bottom of the triviality of failure.

#2. How to find passion?

Of course, to pursue your passion you have to find them. And as I said above, this is really important.

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Are you pursuing a job that you know is boring, but still trying to hold on because it helps you manage your daily life?

Take a few days off or, if necessary, plan your resignation right away. You cannot waste your precious time in things that bothers you and tire you out.

Everyone has their own desires. It is possible that we have lost them amidst the hustle and bustle of the rushed world.

My father once dreamed about the life of a sailor. It was only later I knew, because my father chose to become a teacher.

He chose to hold on to his passions, his desires for the waves, sails, and so forth, which every time he stood in front of the sea, they burned in his eyes.

And I believe this life is still very much like my father. Have you ever wanted to be a talented musician, an engineer, or whatever role model you are aiming for. But then you yourself reject those passions to follow the busy cycle of money rice shirt ...

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Find those dreams that day and pursue them. Because only the interest, passion makes you work effectively and creatively.

If you still haven't found the ideals of your life, don't just sit still. Get out there and stumble a lot, bravely try new things. Soon, every single cell in your body will be filled with aspirations.

There are also comments for that "Pursue your passion, your debt will follow you" Yes, if you say you are passionate about gambling, lottery, betting on football ... then I will say hello. Passionate but right, not violating the law and not contrary to human morals.

There is a saying in the book "Alchemist" that really impressed me: "When you are determined to do something, the whole universe will help you do that. "

Therefore, fight to the end. Be loyal to your passion, even if life throws you to exhaustion. When you are weak, hold on to your passion and stand up. That's it!

# 3. Epilogue

Hopefully my share will partly satisfy your thoughts and concerns on the path of passion pursuit.

Wishing you every success with your own ambitions. Remember to visit the blog regularly to share and exchange new knowledge offline!

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