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    In previous articles, I showed you how to delete rows, columns and delete tables in Word already. If you have not read it, you can refer to the previous sections here:

    When working with tables, you see the table has borders around the content, right? However, for some reason you want to delete the border, ie retain only the content, then what to do?

    Yes, in this article I will show you 3 ways to delete borders in the Word table (or in other words delete the table but retain the contents) extremely fast and simple.

    #first. Delete the board but retain the contents inside with the Eraser tool

    + Step 1:

    For Word 2007 and Word 2010

    Click on the Table to Tab Design appear => at group Draw Borders => you choose Eraser on the right corner.

    For Word 2013 and above

    You click the table to Tab Layout appear => at group Draw => you choose Eraser.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (1)

    + Step 2: At this time, the mouse cursor will appear an eraser icon. We just need to move the eraser icon to delete any border.

    You can use this method to combine multiple cells into a single cell, or merge multiple rows into a single row. When done, you want to exit Eraser then press the key ESC on the keyboard.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (2)

    Result: The border has been deleted. You perform the same operation with the other lines want to delete offline.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (3)

    #2. Delete table lines using Borders (recommended)

    This method is often used because the operation is quicker, more convenient and more accurate.

    Attention: If you want to delete the border of any component, we select / highlight it.

    For example: I want to delete the border for a cell, then I select that cell, or want to delete the border for a table, then I select the table.

    Now, I will show you how to delete the border for the table, retain the content:


    + Step 1: Select / highlight the entire table you want to delete the borders => click on Tab Home => then select enter Borders.

    Or you go to Tab Thiết kế also Borders.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (4)

    There are many options, depending on the purpose you use, you choose the items accordingly:

    • Bottom Border : Delete the border in the table at the bottom ..
    • Top Border : Clear the borders in the table at the top.
    • Left Border : Clear the border of the table in the left position.
    • Right Border : Delete the border of the board in the right-hand position.
    • No Border : Clear the entire border of the table but retain the text inside.
    • All Borders : Clear all table lines in the same places as the option No Border.
    • Outside Border : Delete the outermost border of the table.
    • Inside Border : Delete the entire inner border of the table.
    • Inside Horizontal Border : Delete all vertical lines of the table in each column.
    • Inside Vertical Border : Clear the entire line of the table horizontally in each row.
    • Diagonal Down Border : Draw a line from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of each cell.
    • Diagonal Up Border: Draw a line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of each cell.

    + Step 2: Then select the item No Border to remove the entire table border.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (5)

    Result: The border of the board has been removed. However, when printed, these borders will not appear.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (6)

    # 3. Delete borders in Word with the Borders and Shading dialog box

    This way is similar to the way above 2 only, want to delete the borders of cells, columns or tables, then you select / highlight the area you want to delete.

    Assuming here I will delete the borders inside the table, keep the outer borders offline.


    + Step 1: In the Tab Home => You choose the drop down triangle in the section Border => then select Borders and Shading.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (7)

    + Step 2: Dialog box Borders and Shading appear, section Preview you need to remove the horizontal and vertical lines.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (8)

    Only the outer border like this is okay.

    word-action-words-in-word-segment-4 (9)

    Result: The inner border is removed, only the outer border is removed.

    sports-word-in-word-segment-4 (10)

    # 4. Conclude

    Thus, in this article, I have detailed instructions for you 3 How to delete borders in a Word table, in other words delete the table but retain the content in Word then ha.

    Hope this knowledge will help you. Remember to follow the Blog regularly to get more good knowledge. Good luck !

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