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Tiross TS904 black garlic making machine

1,250,000 VND


  • Prestige brand

  • Quality guaranteed

  • Competitive price

  • Black garlic has good quality and lots of nutrients.

  • Warranty 12 months


  • Design is not compact

  • Time to make black garlic is still long

If you are doing a product review blog or a course of making money with affiliate marketing, then creating a visual article with lots of images and a preliminary review of the product or course is right at the top of the article. writing through that helps customers briefly understand the quality of your product, so you have succeeded 50% already. To do a product evaluation at the top of the article, you must use the WP Product Review plugin to create a beautiful review for your article. Currently, I am using this plugin to review products on my site and receive many positive feedback, increase click rates and conversions for products to market. You can refer to the article below. The following is a detailed article on how to install and set up this plugin. Please pay attention to watch below.

Install and set up the WP Product Review Lite plugin

First you go to your blog admin page. Find to expansion pack> Add new > Enter in the search box WP Product Review. You will find the plugin as shown below. You click the button Install it now to install this plugin.

When the installation is completed, click on Activated Another is done.

You look at the menu will see more items appear Product Review Star shaped. To proceed to set up this plugin you click Product Review. Here is the management interface. Including 4 items as shown below

First, click through the tab General settings section Position of the review box you can choose is After content or Before content. But according to you you should choose is Before content so that the rating is above the content. Other items you can leave the default. Then proceed Save All Changes to save settings.

At tab Rating Colors You can adjust the color of the rating board. But in my opinion, the default is also beautiful.

At tab Typography The colors you can leave the default or you can edit as you like. You pay attention to the section Pros text If you do marketing in Vietnam market, you should fix it Advantages. Section left Cons text you fill is Defect like set yourself up below. Then proceed Save All Changes to save.

Switch to the Buy button options tab to proceed with the configuration of the purchase call button.

Part show button icon you should choose Yes to add shopping cart icon before Button text. As for the color adjustment button you can leave the default or edit as you like. Then press the button Save All Changes to save settings.

Basically we have set up the assessment table. The next create evaluation for review articles. Please follow the instructions below.

Create product evaluation sheets for review articles

You choose Write a new article and proceed to write review products. When you're done writing, scroll down to the bottom of the article page to find the section Product Review Extra Settings. By default it is set to mode No You have to choose Yes to create the table.


  • Product Name: Enter the product name you need to evaluate.

  • Product Image: Product image (The size of the product image is 142 x 142) Please enter the image link.

  • Affiliate Button Text: The text in the purchase button.

  • Affiliate Link: You get the affiliate link of the product to fill in here.

  • Product price: Enter a price for the product.

Here is how I create a review of the product Tiross TS904 black garlic, you can refer.

After you fill out the necessary information you just need to click on the Post button again. You can see the results of the Tiross TS904 Black Garlic Maker product review above this article. If you like this product, you can buy it to support me.

If you want to show your review on sidebar You can go to Widget and add CWP lastest Products Widget sidebar Another is done.


Above is the tutorial to create a product evaluation board with the most detailed WP Product Review plugin. This is a very essential plugin for product reviews. When the state creates a preliminary evaluation of the product, it will help your customers have the easiest view associated with the button call for purchase will help increase click and conversion rates of affiliate products.

What plugin are you using to create a rating for your review article? You see the WP Product Review plugin is necessary and meets your needs. Please give me your opinion in the comment box for us to discuss.

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