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CorelDraw 7 has a genealogy that lasts 25 years, but it faces stiff competition at the present time. Adobe has successfully positioned Illustrator as an industry standard, while Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 9 are ideal for more casual users thanks to its friendly interface and £ 70 price. With Illustrator CC only available when signing up (£ 211 per year, or £ 562 for the full CC set), is there still room in the market for CorelDraw X7?

CorelDRAW X7
CorelDRAW X7

CorelDraw's core vector drawing tools are fast and accurate, and various auto shooting functions help keep the design neat and tidy. Simple things like the ability to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel help work smoothly with fine-tuning details.

Graphics experts will also find a lot to like with this latest version. CorelDraw X7 includes a Default workspace with a more modern interface. Following the industry trend illustrated by Microsoft Office and Apple iOS iOS 7, the user interface is now flatter and cleaner than previous versions. It is not a radical departure, but it has also won long-term users.

In addition, there are pre-configured workspaces for page layout and illustration. Workspace Page Layout assumes that you will work regularly with text, so text-related tools stand out more than the Default workspace. Workspace The illustration assumes that you will work with bitmaps in addition to vector graphics. And there's a classic workspace for those who like the word UI

This latest version also includes the Adobe Illustrator workspace. If you think about converting from Illustrator, you can download a trial version of CorelDraw and try this workspace. It arranges tools and icons into a work environment like Illustrator. It even supports Illustrator shortcuts, so you'll feel right at home.

Install CorelDRAW X7
Install CorelDRAW X7

CorelDraw has attracted a lot of attention from Illustrator users because Adobe applies a registration policy for new versions of Adobe Illustrator. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 is still available with a perpetual license for $ 499 (that price is unchanged compared to CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6). Upgrades are $ 199 from CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4, X5 or X6.

And as with Adobe applications, you can purchase CorelDraw through a subscription. That will bring you new features as they are developed, as opposed to waiting in CorelDraw's typical two-year upgrade cycle. Subscription options are for 30 days ($ 24.95) or 365 days ($ 16.50 a month).

CorelDRAW 7 There have been powerful font tools for a while, allowing you to place OpenType abbreviations and alternative styles. X7 adds to the arsenal a new tool called Font Playground. In the past, when you had to choose a font for a design, you would have to copy the title multiple times and apply different fonts to see what works best with your layout. Font Playground takes this workflow and formalizes it by giving you a window with the amount of text you need. You can apply a different font to every case and see what works for you.

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