Chrome memory is too high, please enable Tab Freeze to optimize

    How to enable the Freeze Tab to reduce Chrome memory usage - Okey! Google Chrome browser is a browser with hundreds of millions of users. Google chrome is present on computer operating systems as well as smart devices because it is fast, provides an intuitive user interface and has thousands of applications and extensions.

    The majority of Google Chrome users are satisfied with the browser. However, there are some cases where users complain about excessive Chrome resource usage. The Google Chrome browser development team has been looking for solutions in the past few years to reduce memory usage when using the Chrome browser. However, Google Chrome, like most other browsers, consumes a significant amount of memory when opening multiple tabs.

    Activate the Freeze Tab to reduce Chrome memory usage

    When you open dozens of tabs in Google Chrome (or any other browser), each tab uses about 50 MB of memory, so the browser requires a lot of memory when you open dozens of tabs. However, most users do they not use this often open tabs?

    If you are one of those people who regularly open dozens of tabs in Google Chrome, you'll be happy to know that there's a new feature introduced in Google Chrome that reduces memory usage when you have multiple tabs open.

    The "Tab Freeze" feature in Chrome, when enabled, automatically freezes open tabs (open sites) inactive for 5 minutes. When inactive tabs are frozen, Chrome consumes less memory. The new feature is great because it only freezes tabs in the background (doesn't work) for 5 minutes. If you switch to a frozen tab, it will work again just like the active tab.

    How to activate "Tab Freeze"

    Note: The tab freezing feature is only available in the version Google Chrome canary. Hopefully in the future will be integrated in the official Google Chrome version (If you are using Google Chrome version 77, this feature is already integrated, but when updated to Chrome 78, it was removed).

    First open a new tab in Chrome, then type chrome: // flags into the address bar and press the Enter key.

    Activate the Freeze Tab to reduce Chrome memory usage

    Activate the Freeze Tab to reduce Chrome memory usage

    Then type the keyword "Freeze" into the search box.

    Using Chrome chrome 1

    Now you will see the results found, to enable Tab freezing, select "Enabled" and you're done.

    Features of Tab Freeze

    • Default (default setting).

    • Enabled, tabs inactive for more than 5 minutes will automatically freeze.

    • Enabled freeze - no unfreeze (activates to freeze tabs and not to reactivate).

    • Enabled freeze - unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes (activates freezing, every 10 minutes allows 10 seconds to activate again).

    • Disabled (disable the feature).

    So far there is no official information on when Google will make this feature available to all users, but it still needs to be improved. In fact, Chrome Canary's main purpose is to let users experience new ideas before finalizing an official update to Google Chrome and sending feedback to the company.

    Currently, Google is still continuing to improve Tab Freeze. Most likely, this feature will be released with Google Chrome version 78 later this year.

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