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Adobe After Effects CC 2020 is an animation and creative synthesis application designed for animators, designers and composers; and used to create motion graphics and visual effects for movies, television, video and the web. The application, which is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud video editing toolkit, is considered a standard in the video industry when creating motion graphics and visual effects.

Adobe After Effects 2020
Adobe After Effects 2020

With software After Effects CC, users will be able to apply animation to texts such as spin titles, spin words, and scrolling credits. This tool provides many ways to create visual effects. Users can create amazing effects by combining photos and videos. In addition, through the use of keyframes, they can add motion to objects such as logos, shapes and cartoons. Last but not least, After Effects CC allows editors and motion graphic artists to work together on seamlessly shared files and sequences.

What's new in Adobe After Effects 2020?

  1. Repair videos when you remove unwanted objects from your videos with the Content Awareness fill tool

  2. Improve the expression editor

  3. Improve performance

  4. Save the Guide to share with the editors

  5. Adobe fonts automatically synced

  6. Improved support for importing video and audio

  7. Update script Inheritance expression

Configure After Effects 2020 settings

  1. Processor: Intel multi-core processor with 64 bit support

  2. Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) version 1703 (Creator update) or higher

  3. RAM: 8 GB minimum (16 GB recommended)

  4. 4 GB GPU VRAM

  5. Disk space: 5GB of available hard-disk space; Additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)

  6. Additional disk space for disk buffer (10 GB recommended)

  7. Screen resolution of 1280 × 1080 or larger screen resolution

Download After Effects 2020 Full Active

After Effects installation guide 2020

B1: Disconnect internet
B2: Unzip and install the provided program
B3: Block the program Via firewall or file host (File Host above)