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    Opening multiple tabs to work, listen to music at the same time on Google Chrome is a habit of many users, including myself too 😀

    And when you open many sounds in so many tabs, it is imperative that you turn off or reduce the volume of certain Tab.

    If you use the volume up / down function of the system, it will affect the sound of the whole system. That is, when you turn the volume up high, the whole system sound will be high, and vice versa.

    If using the Mute Site function, you can mute the site as well. So in this article I will introduce you to a utility that can thoroughly solve the problem, please find out!

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    #first. Introducing the utility Volume Control

    If I remember correctly, there was an article on a blog about a hidden feature called Global Media Control, which allows to manage the volume of each Tab on Chrome already.

    However, until now, it is only available in the Chrome Canary beta. And if you've read that article then this utility has exactly the same function.

    Volume Control is a free utility, has a high number of users and positive reviews on the Chrome Web Store, some outstanding features that the utility has such as:

    • Supports audio amplification up to 6 times (up to 600%).
    • Shows which tabs are currently playing sound.
    • Support moving back and forth between tabs are sound very quickly.
    • Turn off the volume Tab is having extremely fast sound.
    • Display the volume level on the application icon on the toolbar.
    • Simple design, easy to use.

    #2. Manage volume of each Tab on Google Chrome with Volume Control

    To install, visit the link below and press Thêm vào Chrome. In this article, I still use the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

    On Google Chrome, Coc Coc or browsers that use the Chromium kernel, you do the same.

    Link to download Volume Control: Setting !

    navigational-chrome-tab-chrome (1)

    Installation is complete, click the icon of Volume Control On the browser toolbar, the main interface of the gadget will appear with a scroll bar to adjust the volume.

    Right below is the list of tabs that are playing audio, click on the tab name to quickly switch to the corresponding tab.

    navigational-chrome-tab-chrome (2)

    Drag the circle button on the front bar to the left to decrease, or to the right the volume you want.

    The volume can be amplified up to 6 times (600%) but I think it should only be applied to music clips, the video volume is too small because it will be timid and can be harmful to your ears. if turned on too loudly.

    Click on the title of a certain tab to quickly move to that tab when you use this utility, this function is quite similar to a Volume Master utility I have introduced you before.

    navigational-chrome-tab-chrome (3)

    If you notice, the corresponding volume of that Tab will be displayed immediately on the utility's icon.

    Alternatively, to quickly turn off tab volume, you can click icon on the toolbar => and then click biểu tượng cái loa. If you want to turn it back on, drag the circle button on the slider, but clicking the speaker icon again will not work anywhere.

    navigational-chrome-tab-chrome (3)


    Personally, I think this utility is quite good, guys, maybe I'll use it, because it helps Manage each tab sound on web browser I am more efficient and more comfortable.

    Okay, hopefully this utility will be helpful to you. Good luck !

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