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Relationships are always an integral part of our lives. They help us develop and interact with the outside environment more comprehensively.

What could be better than being surrounded by enthusiastic partners, sincere friends so that we are ready to share the joy and sorrow in all circumstances?

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If you are still wondering how to connect with people, then come with 5 steps to establish a healthy and sustainable relationship below!

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#first. Spread the positive energy

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To work towards a strong relationship with others, the first thing you need to consider and cultivate is yourself. Attitude is one of the factors that conquers the opponent from the first contact.

Think about it, you will never want to be with people who are always pessimistic, lazy and constantly whining.

Therefore, maintain an optimistic attitude in all cases. A smile that feels confident even in the face of complex problems, will definitely impress others immediately.

#2. Listen

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To gain sympathy from those around you, listening is a great advantage.

The fact that you listen attentively to the views from the other party is not only a minimum of courtesy, but also makes them feel they are truly respected.

Listening also creates opportunities to help you further explore the psychological depth or personality of the other person, thereby shaping the differences, or similarities in the way of thinking of each individual, making the process Collaboration work more effectively.

So learn to listen, don't interrupt when they're talking, it will be very ungainly and impolite. Wait for them to finish talking, then take it slowly, normally we should wait for about 3 seconds after the opponent has finished speaking so we can continue speaking. Nobody will take your word. Remember !

# 3. Proactively ask for help

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People often hesitate to show others what problems they have. Are you worried that these things will make them feel uncomfortable?

In fact, when you proactively ask others to help you at work or whatever, it makes them feel that you are trusting and appreciating their abilities.

Moreover, when your offer is accepted, it is an impressive step that gives the two sides more time to work together, and for sure the relationship will be greatly boosted!

# 4. Trust

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You cannot expect a healthy, healthy relationship if your heart is filled with doubts.

Trust makes life better. Just a word of encouragement, an encouragement sentence, even a pat on the shoulder can make the heart warm.

Trusting each other in a certain way, will help you regain full respect, love, trust from others. And also from those elements a rope is formed, connecting the souls in the same volume.

# 5. Sincerely

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Finally, the most important condition in a relationship is sincerity.

It would be meaningless if you only expect petty selfishness from others. Life is already so harsh, why do we always try to make it more difficult because of fraudulent attempts?

Treat others as if we are loving ourselves. Only when sincerity is given to both sides can the cooperation process go well.


Wishing you every success in filling your life with sustainable relationships. Remember the key principles I just shared above and apply it regularly in communication.

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